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Connections are limitless, the network is not: A “living” network thinks ahead and continually transforms

Connections are limitless, the network is not: A “living” network thinks ahead and continually transforms

Updated 10 Oct 2017

Expanding the network in the traditional way is unrealistic, requiring substantial funding and years to complete ‒ time the current network does not have.

Measuring CSP success for a digital world

Measuring CSP success for a digital world

Updated 25 Aug 2017

How communications service providers can optimize loyalty, reach new customers and help ensure customer retention.

The trust factor in the cognitive era: How CSPs can capitalize on personal data while preserving privacy

The trust factor in the cognitive era: How CSPs can capitalize on personal data while preserving privacy

Updated 22 Feb 2017

Learn how digital trust has become a key factor in the depth of relationship between consumers and their providers.

Highlights from the fall 2016 Global Telecom Survey

Highlights from the fall 2016 Global Telecom Survey

Updated 16 Feb 2017

Customer experience, digital trust highlight the fall 2016 telecom survey.

A new day in the world of content: Your cognitive future in the media and entertainment industry

A new day in the world of content: Your cognitive future in the media and entertainment industry

Updated 03 Nov 2016

Cognitive computing can help media and entertainment companies unleash a new era of innovation and growth

Outthinking disruption in communications: The 2020 CSP in the cognitive era

Outthinking disruption in communications: The 2020 CSP in the cognitive era

Updated 18 Feb 2016

By taking advantage of growth opportunities stemming from changing customer expectations, rapid industry convergence and technological innovation, today’s CSP can emerge in 2020 as a new and stronger business.

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Dialing in a new frequency: Your cognitive future in the communications industry

Updated 17 Dec 2015

Cognitive computing can help communications service providers unleash a new era of innovation and growth.

Cloud for telecommunications

Improving efficiency, reducing costs and increasing revenue

August 2015

Cloud can help CSPs create new businesses, redefine customer relationships, transform and optimize operations, and expand business agility and capability.

Keeping telecom on target: How CSPs tap the transformative power of data and analytics

Updated 02 Jun 2015

In the rapidly changing market, CSPs need big data/analytics plans that focus on customer objectives, business operations and new revenue generation.

Restoring connections: How telecommunications providers can reboot the customer experience

Updated 12 Feb 2015

How can communication service providers escape the effects of industry commoditization and differentiate themselves?

The influence of social - New views from the 2014 IBM Global Telecommunications Consumer Survey

Updated 01 Jun 2014

Communications service providers should use the influence of social to their advantage to help improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What being global really means - Why global integration is crucial for international communications service providers

Updated 31 Jan 2014

To achieve meaningful financial advantage over their single-market peers, global communication service providers (CSPs) should focus on improving their global integration to drive the synergies necessary for cost savings and innovative growth.

Analytics: Real-world use of big data in telecommunications - How innovative communications service providers are extracting value from uncertain data

Updated 30 Apr 2013

Big data has the potential to place communications services providers (CSPs) in a prime position to win the battle for customers and create new revenue streams.

Telecom’s future is social - The value of social business for communications service providers

Updated 12 Jan 2013

Although the telecommunications industry has facilitated the rapid adoption of social networking and social business on a global scale, the adoption of social media by communications service providers to engage with customers is still very low.

The natural fit of Cloud with Telecommunications

Updated 01 Sep 2012

The telecommunications industry is beginning to see what Cloud really means to its future success.

Building advocacy in telecommunications

Updated 07 Nov 2011

Despite a "customer first" focus, communications service providers (CSPs) have very few loyal customers – or advocates – according to results from the recent IBM global telecommunications consumer survey.

Communications spending priorities, perceptions, expectations and attitudes of today’s smarter consumer: New views from the 2011 IBM Global Telecommunications Consumer Survey

Updated 30 October 2011

A new IBM Institute for Business Value telecommunications survey reveals consumers’ spending priorities, usage and perceptions of products and services, information sources for products and services, attitudes toward communications service providers (CSPs) and purchasing values.

From Stretched to Strengthened: 2011 IBM CMO Study - Communications Industry Edition

Updated 30 October 2011

How are chief marketing officers (CMOs) helping their enterprises cope with the fundamental shifts transforming business and the world? To find out, we conducted 1,734 face-to-face interviews with CMOs in 64 countries, with 131 of those CMOs representing the Communications industry.

The essential CIO: 2011 IBM CIO Study - Communications Industry Edition

Updated 30 May 2011

Of Communications CIOs, about 80 percent plan to leverage data to generate insight and to use client analytics tools to achieve this goal. This industry’s CIOs also have a significantly greater focus on self-service portals, cloud computing and revenue model changes than the global sample of CIOs.

How are technology leaders helping their organizations adapt to the accelerating change and complexity that mark today’s competitive and economic landscape? To find out, we spoke in person with 3,018 CIOs in 71 countries, with 137 of those CIOs representing the Communications industry.

Telco 2015: Five telling years, four future scenarios

Updated 03 May 2010

One of four predominant scenarios will emerge for Telcos based on specific market trends and a set of critical variables.

Podcast Interview: Consumer Survey

Updated 04 Nov 2009

Interview with Chris Pearson, Nick Gurney and Judith List

Podcast Interview: The changing face of communication

Updated 01 Jun 2009

Interview with Chris Pearson, global telecom industry leader of IBM Global Business Services and an expert in strategic issues facing the telecommunication industry

The changing face of communication: Social networking's growing influence on telecom providers

Updated 01 Jun 2009

Telecom companies must respond to shifts in communication patterns and control, created by the strong emergence of social computing, to position themselves to reverse declining revenue growth and market share.

Podcast Interview: Beyond advertising: Choosing a strategic path to the digital customer

Updated 13 Apr 2009

Interview with Saul Berman, IBM's global leader for Strategy & Change Consulting Services

The Enterprise of the Future: IBM Global CEO Study - Telecom Industry Edition

Updated 13 Apr 2009

Telecom CEOs share their views on the future of business.

Beyond advertising: Choosing a strategic path to the digital consumer

Updated 24 Mar 2009

The distinctions are blurring between advertising and marketing, as new forms of communication marry the return on investment (ROI)-characteristics of marketing with emotional characteristics of traditional brand advertising - in short, the old ways cannot meet the challenges of today.

Telecom switches emphasis: Preliminary analysis of the 2007 Telecom Industry Survey

Updated 26 Jan 2009

To remain competitive as industry boundaries blur, telecom providers will require new sets of capabilities beyond the traditional strengths that telecom executives continue to emphasize.

A future in content(ion): Can telecom providers win a share of the digital content market?

Updated 19 Jan 2009

Digital content opportunities could help telecommunications companies fend off competitive threats from cable rivals and grow revenues in new markets. But will telcos be able to take advantage of this potential?

The telecom of the future: Insights from IBM CEO and telecom executive surveys

Updated 31 Oct 2008

telecommunications, Telco, telecom, social networking, Web 2.0, mobile communications, network, fixed voice, broadband, collaboration, innovation.

Navigating the Media Divide: Innovating and Enabling New Business Models

Updated 15 Feb 2007

Get ready for the coming collision between incumbent content owners and media distributors.

The Innovation Paradox in the Telecom Industry

Updated 20 Nov 2006

As part of our Global CEO Study 2006, in which we interviewed 765 chief executives and business leaders on the topic of innovation, we looked more specifically at the views of the 46 telecom executives who participated in the survey.

Primetime for Mobile Television: Extending the entertainment concept by bringing together the best of both worlds

Updated 05 Apr 2006

Not long ago, the thought of watching television on a small screen seemed far-fetched.

The order matters: Increasing value in order-to-cash begins with order management

Updated Feb 2006

Read why transformation in order-to-cash presents significant opportunities for telecommunications service providers to address these challenges and enhance performance.

Services over IP: Delivering new value through next-generation networks

Updated Nov 2005

Consider the challenges and opportunities presented by IP technology and learn how next-generation networks can help telecom companies position themselves for a profitable future.

Profiting from Convergence - Defining Growth Paths for Telecom Service Providers

Updated Feb 2005

Explore the possibilities that convergence presents to the telecommunications industry.

Upwardly Mobile:
Mobile network operators go on demand in pursuit of profitable growth

Updated Dec 2004

The majority of electronics companies are not well positioned to adapt to new opportunities and threats that arise through rapid market changes.

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