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Turning data into chemicals and petroleum insights: How the industry is becoming cognitive

Updated 08 May 2017

With cognitive computing, chemicals and petroleum organizations can gain insights from data to help drive growth.

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Innovating chemicals and petroleum: Revenue and efficiency in a volatile age

Updated 25 May 2016

Chemicals and petroleum leaders can embrace innovation strategies to outperform during challenging times.

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A new natural resource: Your cognitive future in the oil and gas industry

Updated March 2016

Our research indicates leaders are poised to embrace groundbreaking technology and invest in cognitive capabilities to spark the digital future in oil and gas.

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Cloud for chemicals and petroleum

March 2016

Enhancing productivity, improving efficiency and optimizing operations

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Finding common ground in oil and gas: Now is the time for stronger collaboration on capital projects

Updated 05 Dec 2014

A collaborative ecosystem can help owner/operators and EPCs work together to engender greater collaboration and more mutual performance metrics.


Meeting the growing demands for energy in the coming decades

Updated 11 Oct 2010

As 2030 approaches, oil and gas companies need to be leaders in implementing intelligent and integrating technologies to get more out of existing and new oil and gas sources.

A high-stakes race against time: Are investors prepared to capture the liquified natural gas opportunity that emerges from the recession?

Updated 25 Aug 2009

Discover more about the current liquefied natural gas opportunity and specific actions that can help investors make the most of it.

Unlocking the DNA of the Adaptable Workforce: The Global Human Capital Study 2008 Chemicals and Petroleum Edition

Updated 30 Apr 2009

To meet the responsibilities of guiding a global, well integrated C&P enterprise, executives need to rethink their workforce visions using strategies and tools that support collaboration, enable new opportunities, encourage learning, and help predict and attract expert skills.

Podcast Interview: Unlocking the DNA of the Adaptable Workforce: The Global Human Capital Study 2008 Chemicals and Petroleum Edition

Updated 09 Dec 2008

Geographical expansion, market shifts, tougher regulations, geopolitical uncertainties and more complex operating environments are intensified by a troubling shortage of much-needed skills.

Where there's smoke - Achieving safe and reliable operations with enterprise risk management

Updated 03 Sep 2008

Chemical and petroleum companies often view risk management through a limited health, safety and environmental lens, but an IBM Institute for Business Value study reveals a distinct correlation between integrated risk management and market performance.


Updated 26 Aug 2008

CEOs from the chemical and petroleum industries share their views on the future of business.

Balancing Risk and Performance with an Integrated Finance Organization: Implications for Chemical and Petroleum Industry CFOs

Updated 12 Feb 2008

The global business environment requires new thinking to take advantage of opportunities and prosper despite the risks. Many Chemical and Petroleum companies are working towards enterprisewide standards to provide the governance, transparency and information integrity needed today.

Hiding in plain sight: Service innovation, a new priority for chief executives

Updated 28 Nov 2006

Manufacturers may find a tremendous business opportunity "hiding" in their Service function.

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