Why CFOs should care about advanced analytics and cognitive computing

Finance analytics is taking off, with over two-thirds of organizations expecting to have substantially implemented analytics across most Finance activities in two years. Thirty-one percent of participating Finance organizations were determined to be “most effective,” having higher analytics maturity. Now, with a powerful analytic foundation, these leaders are starting to find out what they don’t know. It is no longer enough to understand what has happened and apply that to what might happen in the future – market disruption clearly demonstrates the need to identify unknown opportunities and risks. In this report, the experiences of leading Finance teams provide insights into capitalizing on the next wave of analytics: cognitive computing.

Study highlights

Over 80% of Finances teams expect to use analytics to drive performance, manage risk/compliance and optimize processes within two years. - http://ibm.biz/cfomission - IBM

The most effective Finance organizations use macro-economic data in their analytics 96% more than peers and weather data 80% more - http://ibm.biz/cfomission - IBM

About half of Finance organizations plan to implement cognitive computing within the next two years and nearly two-thirds withing five years - http://ibm.biz/cfomission - IBM

About the authors

William Fuessler

William Fuessler
Global Domain Leader for Finance, Risk and Fraud
IBM Global Business Services

Tony Levy

Tony Levy
Business Unit Executive for Analytics Solutions,
IBM Software Group

Spencer Lin

Spencer Lin
Global CFO Market Development Lead
IBM Market Development and Insights

Carl Nordman

Carl Nordman
Global Research Lead for Finance, Risk and Fraud
IBM Institute for Business Value

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