Approaching the cognitive edge

The exponential increase in data – from Internet of Things-enabled devices, customer interactions and commercial activity – presents a goldmine of opportunity for today’s organizations. Executives across the C-suite are embracing opportunities to mine this data for insights into customer behaviors, product pricing, promotions and much more. CFOs are no exception. The 23 percent of CFOs whose companies are deemed “high performing” are twice as likely as their peers to have applied data analytics to enhance performance-insight capabilities.

But as the growth of data and speed of business outpace the capacities of finance analytics teams, new capabilities are clearly needed. The experiences of high-performing finance teams provide insights into emerging opportunities to leverage the next evolution in performance management – the cognitive advantage.

Study highlights

74% of CFOs name revenue growth as their top enterprise objective.

153% more CFOs from outperforming organizations say their entreprises successfully synchronize unstructured and structured data.

60% more CFOs from outperforming organizations plan to invest in cognitive computing in the near term.

About the authors

William Fuessler

William Fuessler
Global Domain Leader for Finance, Risk and Fraud
IBM Global Business Services

Spencer Lin

Spencer Lin
Global CFO Market Development Lead
IBM Market Development and Insights

Carl Nordman

Carl Nordman
Global Research Lead for Finance, Risk and Fraud
IBM Institute for Business Value

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