Brand enthusiasm: More than loyalty

How today’s consumers want to engage with your brand

Is brand loyalty declining? Reading headlines today, it is tempting to say “yes.” Drastically changing consumer behavior fueled by disruptive technology, media fragmentation and increased availability of quality substitutes are just some of the forces disrupting the state of brands.

Our newest IBM consumer products study shows that brand loyalty as we know it has changed. Companies need a new way of understanding consumers, taking into account the rapidly changing parameters of consumer-brand engagement. Now, brand enthusiasm is a more accurate way for brands to understand and cater to consumers.

In our 2014 study, “Brand enthusiasm: More than loyalty,” we describe four distinct consumer clusters, led by an exciting new class of “power consumers” called Brand Enthusiasts, that reveal vastly different attitudes toward brands, accompanied by different expectations and behaviors. What can companies do to nurture brand enthusiasm and embrace these new power consumers?

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Brand enthusiasm: More than loyalty. (PDF, 305KB)

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  • Trevor Davis

    Trevor Davis

    Consumer Products Industry Expert and Futurist, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM Global Business Services
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  •  Anthony Bigornia

    Anthony Bigornia

    Director, Global Consumer Products Industry Solutions, IBM Sales & Distribution
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