Big Data & Analytics Thought Leadership

Analytics: A blueprint for value - Converting big data and analytics insights into results

Updated 29 Oct 2013
In today’s competitive marketplace, executive leaders are infusing analytics throughout their enterprises to drive smarter decisions, enable faster actions and optimize outcomes.

Analytics: The real-world use of big data in manufacturing - How innovative industrial manufacturers extract value from uncertain data

Updated 01 July 2013
Today, leveraging big data is a business imperative, and it is enabling solutions to long-standing business challenges for industrial manufacturing companies around the world.

Analytics: The real-world use of big data - How innovative enterprises extract value from uncertain data

Updated 12 Sep 2012

Most organizations can profit from analyzing more data to identify which is useful and putting the right skills in place to gain a better understanding of the business, its customers and the marketplace.

Customer analytics pay off: Driving top-line growth by bringing science to the art of marketing - Executive summary

Updated 01 February 2012

Businesses today have a plethora of customer data available from an increasing number of sources. While most organizations certainly appreciate the potential benefits such data can reap, many face difficulties effectively turning information into actionable insights.

The Dawn of Big Data

Research reveals a widening divide,with those organisations already using analytics more than twice as likely to outperform their industry peers. What does your business need to become one of them?

The value of analytics in healthcare

Updated 10 Jan 2012

Building analytics competency can help healthcare organizations harness “big data” to create actionable insights, set their future vision, improve outcomes and reduce time to value.

Analytics in the boardroom

Updated 22 Nov 2011

For analytics-driven insights to trigger new actions across the organization, they must be closely linked to business strategy, easy for end users to understand, and embedded into organizational processes to enable action at the right time.

Analytics: The widening divide

Updated 08 Nov 2011

A growing divide is developing between those companies that, see the value of business analytics and are transforming themselves to take advantage of these newfound opportunities, and those that have yet to embrace them.

Customer analytics pay off: Driving top-line growth by bringing science to the art of marketing

Updated 16 Sep 2011

To help organizations develop a customer analytics strategy designed to drive growth and increase customer satisfaction, we have identified four stages of organizational capabilities and associated customer analytics strategies.

Analytics: The new path to value. How the smartest organizations are embedding analytics to transform insights into action

Updated 03 Nov 2010

To start on the fastest path to analytics value, keep everyone focused on big business issues, select challenges that analytics can solve today within the future agenda.

Breaking Away with Business Analytics and Optimization

Updated 23 Dec 2009

In top-performing organizations, analytics has replaced intuition to answer questions about what markets to pursue, how to configure and price offerings and identify where operations can be made efficient in response to cost and environmental constraints.

Business Analytics and Optimization for the Intelligent Enterprise

Updated 01 Jun 2009

Based on our research and client experiences, we've distilled the characteristics of what we call the Intelligent Enterprise – the organization ready to exploit advanced analytics and optimized performance.

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