Capitalizing on disruption

It’s a whole new ball game for communications service providers as they navigate a shifting industry landscape. We believe the future is bright, however, for those that can outthink the disruption. By capitalizing on the very forces currently plaguing them, providers could create a world with revenue and margin growth in new addressable markets. The threats of today can be overcome through accelerated transformation to the digital service provider market and innovative partnerships, even with the digital invaders currently muddling the competitive arena.

Study highlights

IBM outthink

86% CSP see Over The Top Competitors (OTTs) as their greatest competitive threat over the next five years.

90% of CSP executives surveyed believe cognitive computing will be an essential industry technology in 2020.

About the authors

Bob Fox
Global Industry Leader, Telecommunications and Media & Entertainment
IBM Global Business Services

Nick Gurney
Communications Sector Leader
IBM Asia Pacific

Rob van den Dam
Global Telecommunications Leader
IBM Institute for Business Value

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