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Becoming a social business

Today it is impossible to ignore the rise of social media and the impact it's having on business. Among companies that have started to embrace this shift, the correlation of social adoption and business success is becoming increasingly clear. While companies have primarily focused on building their presence in external social media, the path to becoming a social business is also increasingly focusing on improving organizational productivity and effectiveness.

Harnessing the full potential of social business starts with extending your core business processes through social tools while putting in place the process changes that drive social behavior. Organizations that adopt a social business culture and technology framework have the potential to transform themselves and take leadership roles in their industries.

Creating a smarter workforce

Social businesses recognize that employees need to be agile, informed and able to work beyond their specific job descriptions. As such, they provide tools and the cultural incentives that allow employees more access to the right information and the right people.

Social businesses reduce both the cultural boundaries as well as the technical obstacles for people to connect with people and information, allowing unprecedented access. All this equates to an optimized workforce—one that is able to feel closer to its customers while driving operational efficiencies. See how we can help you increase employee productivity and speed.

Accelerating customer engagement and innovation

For a social business to truly become customer centric, they need to think through how best to use social media. And it needs to listen and respond to its customers when they provide information about their likes, preferences and behaviors in their social networks. Social businesses are finding ways to mine this information and use this data to create a consistent, truly interactive and context-aware experience.

Social businesses can also drive innovation much faster than traditional organizations. Social media allows you to gather better requirements straight from the customer’s voice. High-quality input and ideas, as well as frequent feedback, from motivated customers and partners who broadcast their product needs through daily commentary via external communities and blogs can drive product innovation and service improvement. See how social business and Smarter Commerce can help you deepen customer relationships and speed development.

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