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Managing a M&A transaction can be tough.

You see:

The endless documents, myriad of spreadsheets & outdated slides are cluttering up your email, laptop and tablet. Its chaos.

This is life as the head of most merger, acquisition or divestment teams.

We see a solution.

IBM's M&A Accelerator™ offers every company the ability to bring order to the chaos.

How do you manage The Chaos Challenge?

M&A Accelerator meets the challenge by

Capturing synergies


Building a strategic NewCo

Without negatively impacting:

IBM's M&A Accelerator (M&AA) is an online application designed to track, manage, and share all related M&A activities throughout the deal lifecycle. It is like a GPS for executing a merger, acquisition, or divestiture, providing leadership the visibility it needs to ensure that M&A goals are on track while identifying and addressing problems quickly.

M&A Accelerator is used by IBM's industry-leading M&A team, along with many of the world's leading acquirers. With M&A Accelerator's capabilities and included best practice set up, you have the combined experience of hundreds of successful M&A deals at your fingertips.

M&A Accelerator's key benefits include:

  • Track and manage realization of value: by focusing the entire team on activities that create value and by identifying problems before they impact the value proposition

  • Increase productivity of the entire team: by streamlining the administrative processes that keep the execution team from focusing on high value activities

  • Reduce risk: by identifying issues early and streamlining handoffs between due diligence and integration teams

  • World-class security: our state of the art, IBM owned data center, along with the built in, easy to use security controls, ensure that only the users you authorize are able to access content related to the deal.

The road to better outcomes on all your transactions:

IBM's M&A Accelerator covers the entire deal process, from opportunity identification, due diligence process, integration and change management, while ensuring that the business case is clearly defined, communicated and managed every step of the way.

Handoffs between phases are made easy, you can keep track of multiple tasks and issues, and the program is accessible and secure for all relevant stakeholders.

M&A Accelerator have built in features for you to manage your data, tasks, issues, risks and materials throughout the deal lifecycle, even beyond deal completion.

The M&A Accelerator solution allows your team to leverage existing M&A experience and knowledge while augmenting their skills with the combined experience of hundreds of previous M&A deals.

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