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IBM's approach to Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is based on the need to align strategy, selection and implementation. This means focusing on doing the right deal for the right reason. When these basic principles are followed, organizations are able to use M&A to:

IBM's M&A services practice has a significant track record of helping over 1,000 leading organizations achieve these benefits through mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

The Market Leading M&A Automation Solution

In addition to the consulting services offered, IBM also offers clients the leading on-demand SaaS solution for transaction automation, known as IBM M&A Accelerator. This solution is an online application enabling deal participants to track, manage and share all related M&A activities throughout the deal lifecycle. M&A Accelerator automates all aspects of the M&A process including target tracking, due diligence, pre-close planning, integration execution, and post-deal synergy monitoring.. Achievement of synergies or lack thereof is immediately visible to executives and M&A leaders, allowing them to quickly capture more value from all their transactions or quickly course correct their efforts.

IBM’s M&A Accelerator is a powerful, highly configurable, yet easy to deploy and use, tracking and management solution. This solution will streamline your M&A efforts, while improving results, and providing unprecedented top-down visibility.

Overview of IBM M&A Accelerator

M&A Accelerator is like having a GPS for executing a mergers, acquisitions or divestment. If you are acquiring another organization, you need ways to achieve consistent success and better results in your M&A transactions. You need an M&A automation solution that provides a complete system of record to help you capture, execute, and monitor your M&A processes and achievements. In essence, it is your M&A system of record, a single place to create and track all assumptions, synergies, documents, activities, risks, issues, and measurements and achievement related to a transaction.

M&A Accelerator quantifiable benefits as noted by our extensive commercial client base:

Our Complete M&A automation solution includes:

Our clients get:

Optionally, we also offer:

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