IBM Program Work Center™ is an innovative and collaborative program and project management solution, offered as a SaaS application, that takes the risk and complexity out of running large-scale projects, programs, initiatives, and transformations.

IBM Program Work Center provides:

  • real-time visibility through dashboards and live reports
  • drill-down to the latest information
  • personalized home pages
  • email alerts that highlight assignments and issues

With IBM Program Work Center, team members, project managers, and executives are kept up to date so they can act autonomously, communicate changes quickly, and redirect resources to problem areas. We’ve even made it the standard for managing thousands of IBM’s global projects and engagements.

Join us and start collaborating, increasing visibility, and improving productivity with IBM Program Work Center.

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The Collaborative Program Management Solution

The IBM Program Work Center solution is unique in enterprise program and project management with its focus on collaboration. Business users, stakeholders, and executives benefit from reports, notifications, and dashboards in addition to project managers. The application provides a rich, full-featured environment for management of initiatives and service engagements with data collection, issue and risk management, reporting, and command and control.

Here are key highlights:

  • Real-time dashboards, reports and personalized home pages for tracking status, assignments, issues and risks
  • Automated and push-based email alerts
  • Context associations between tasks, issues, documents and benefits
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Project
  • Secure permissions and role-based access control with fully encrypted data storage
  • Leading practice program management functions supported "out of the box"

IBM Program Work Center brings a collaborative approach to quantify benefits and ensure program success

Program success begins with the ability to monitor performance against financial and strategic objectives. IBM Program Work Center maximizes agility for teams to act autonomously, communicate changes to plans, and act quickly to redirect resources to problem areas. Capturing program-wide status with real-time global visibility to every team member and stakeholder prevents costly project overruns and oversights. Risk is managed, as issues are tracked, and alerts are generated when necessary and resolved – before a disruption occurs.

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