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Collaborative program management for the enterprise

Many Program Management Offices (PMO’s) coordinate activities across multiple geographies and depend on the involvement and oversight of business stakeholders. Yet these PMO’s are often constrained by project management applications that are not collaborative in nature for deployment outside the core set of project managers running the activities, or worse, they are constrained by a plethora of fragmented spread sheets PMO’s have not had a single system to electronically integrate and share the multiple interface points, 1,000’s of tasks, issues, action items, documents while providing consistent communication of milestone deadlines and status. Program managers need a better way of coordinating geographically disperse teams and business stakeholders to ensure value to the enterprise in terms of cost efficiency, personnel productivity, and realizing the value propositions of the actual program objectives.

IBM Program Work Center™ (IPWC) is an innovative collaborative program management solution, delivered as a SaaS application over the Web, which takes the worry out of running large-scale programs, initiatives and transformations. The solution provides real-time, global visibility for teams and stakeholders across the enterprise. It allows executives to focus on the outcomes of their complex, multi-project oriented global programs with assurance that deadlines will be met and the value proposition will be obtained. And most importantly, the solution allows direct participation of business users through a personalized portal with tailored information and reports with smart links between tasks, issues, documents and benefits to provide context and link action to strategy.

Program Work Center is used by IBM’s award-winning Program Management Center of Excellence to manage some of the world’s most complex and collaborative integrated programs.

The Market Leading Collaborative Enterprise Program Management Solution

The IBM Program Work Center™ solution is unique in enterprise PPM by virtue of its focus on collaborative program management, which involves not only the project manager and the PMO, but also business users, stakeholders, and executives. The application provides a rich, full-featured environment for management of initiatives and service engagements with data collection, issue and risk management, reporting, and command and control. Following are key highlights.

IBM Program Work Center™ brings a collaborative approach to quantify benefits and ensure program success

Program success begins with the ability to monitor performance against financial and strategic objectives. By involving the extended business team and stakeholders as well as members of the Program Management Office, Program Work Center provides unparalleled transparency and control, while maximizing agility for teams to act autonomously, communicate changes to plans and act quickly to redirect resources to problem areas. Capturing program-wide status with real-time global visibility to every team member and stakeholder prevents costly project overruns and oversights. Risk is managed, as issues are tracked, alerted when necessary and resolved – before a disruption occurs.

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