Actionable Business Architecture

Explore the intersection of strategy, operations and IT to harness complexity and improve business outcomes

How can your organization achieve sufficient business agility to accomplish your objectives among growing economic uncertainty? Does your business model take advantage of smarter technology and differentiating capabilities?

Ultimately, are you capitalizing across business and IT to embrace increasing complexity to become a standout performer in your industry?

Business Architecture is experiencing resurgence as the way to solve the long standing business-IT alignment and convergence conundrum. Yet business architecture approaches that rely solely on frameworks, guidelines or high-level content lack the ability to effectively drive innovation and business results. Many organizations are adopting improved and smarter technology to achieve greater flexibility. But the challenges around business and IT alignment still inhibit dexterity and intended outcomes.

How can an actionable Business Architecture from IBM help your company? It can be a catalyst to drive:

Based on the convergence of strategy, operating and IT models, "actionable business architecture" is essential in such a diverse and volatile environment. Business Architecture will help drive growth by managing the internal and external business complexity for agility and results.

Your organization can gain significant advantage through a holistic blending of industry proven, interconnected and commercially available methods, models, metrics and tooling. As your actionable business architecture grows and is extended, it facilitates controls for complexity and offers the visibility and impetus to perform smarter work across the extended enterprise.