Digital Reinvention. Are you ready?

Organizations are experiencing unprecedented digital change that is driving the evolution of business. Nimble digital competitors are establishing footholds in long established markets overnight. In addition, technology forces are creating new customer experiences and disrupting traditional operating models. The speed of embracing digital is now a critical factor to survival.

Digital reinvention requires organizations from all industries to review their business, operations, and technology strategy while making a cultural change across the C-suite to embrace experimentation and iteration. IBM Business Analytics & Strategy Consulting is at the forefront of using digital reinvention techniques and can guide you in creating a holistic digital strategy for your organization.

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Key Solution Areas

The IBM Business Analytics & Strategy practice integrates management consulting expertise with the science of analytics to enable leading organizations to succeed.

Industry Expertise

Reduce costs. Manage risk. Optimize supply chains. Improve customer experience. Increase revenue. Whatever your industry, IBM’s client teams show you how technology can be strategically applied to transform your enterprise and differentiate your business.

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Shanker Ramamurthy - VP & Global Managing Partner

Shanker Ramamurthy

Vice President & Global Managing Partner

Business Analytics & Strategy Worldwide

Stephen Hasselmann - VP & Partner

Stephen Hasselmann

Vice President & Partner

Business Analytics & Strategy North America

Peter Kasahara - VP & Partner

Peter Kasahara

Vice President & Partner

Business Analytics & Strategy Europe

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