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Organization and people

Aligning your workforce and business strategy

Today’s businesses remain focused on two equally important goals – the need to simultaneously drive growth yet, at the same time, maintain operational efficiency. They anticipate, though, that achieving these goals in the future will mean working quite differently than many businesses do today – engaging much more seamlessly across a wide range of geographic, functional and generational boundaries and borders. This calls for an organization to be a “social business” that is open, where the employees are empowered and talent is recognized faster.

In addition, mobile is a unique opportunity to re-think the way businesses interact with customers, employees and partners. It offers a different value – As an always-connected communications tool, it is a unique platform to build intimacy with your desired audience. Mobile gives you the opportunity to anticipate user needs and deliver more relevant interactions by being aware of the user’s immediate context. This includes location, social situation and current activity, and enables an immediate value of context sensitive follow-up actions. These assessments are designed to develop an enterprise level mobile and social business vision and supporting rationale as well as a portfolio of mobile and social capabilities, while aligning your workforce strategy.

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