IBM Social Media Analytics and Customer Insights

This offering extracts intelligence from social media data surrounding your company and competitors with respect to brands, products and services. Using the insights derived, you can enhance your customer experience by incorporating customer feedback into your marketing, customer service and product strategies. This offering can also be used to analyze social content for workforce insights such as employee satisfaction levels, industry perception of you as an employer, and sentiment around executive management.

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Offering details

Choose from two offering types and eight analysis types focused on different business challenges. This service analyzes millions of social media sources – including blogs/comments, message boards, review sites, video/media sharing sites, news sites, and optionally, Facebook and Twitter. Upon choosing an analysis type, we configure the tool based on your business needs, parameters, keywords and data sources and provide customized results in configurable charts and dashboards.

For each offering, you may elect to access the dashboard, analyze the data and draw conclusions yourself. This is called the “Dashboard only” option. Or, you can elect to have IBM social media experts perform the analysis and deliver their findings via a detailed report and presentation enabling you to take immediate action. This is called the “Dashboard and insights report” option.

The eight analysis types – and the business area to which each aligns – are as follows. Click on each type to see its description below.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Product/Service Innovation

Customer Service/Customer Care

HR/Workforce Engagement

Competitor insights

Analyze what is being said in social media about a brand, product category or specific products with respect to your competition. Gain key insights into your competitors’ strategies so you can improve your overall brand positioning.

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Brand and product insights

Gain insight into a brand or specific product category to identify critical drivers and better understand customer sentiments to strengthen your brand value proposition.

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Market analysis

Explore market dynamics, trends, competitive offerings and customer preferences to gain a high-level market view to support product launches or new market entry planning and strategy.

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Campaign analysis

Study specific marketing initiatives in the context of social media to better understand customer sentiments around your campaigns and those of your competitors so that you can improve campaign performance.

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Marketing effectiveness

Understand the impact of your marketing tactics and programs for a specific brand or product category, as well as those of your competitors, to inform future strategic marketing planning.

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Product planning

Use customer insights from social media to spur innovation, identify potential new product and service ideas, enhance existing products and influence the design of new products.

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Customer care insights

Uncover customer preferences, and understand sudden spikes or dips in demand for a specific brand or product category to address customer concerns at the appropriate time using the appropriate channels to improve overall customer service.

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Sample report - Customer care insights (3.84MB)

Workforce insights

Assess the satisfaction of your workforce based on sentiments expressed in social media and gauge the industry’s perception of your company as employer to increase your company’s attractiveness to top talent.

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