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The “upwardly mobile” enterprise: Setting the strategic agenda

  • The “upwardly mobile” enterprise:  Setting the strategic agenda

    A new research from the Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics is based on a comprehensive survey of over 600 companies and interviews with 30 mobile leaders across multiple industries and geographies. The study findings offer insights into the characteristics of mobile leaders and provide recommendations on developing a mobile strategy, improving the customer experience, driving employee productivity and enabling the mobile enterprise.

Forrester Wave™ Enterprise Mobility Services report recognizes IBM as a leader in mobility services.

Forester Wave Mobility 2013 Q1 Diagram Source: Forrester Research Inc.

IBM garners highest score possible for current offering

Forrester Research, Inc., has recognized IBM as a leader in enterprise mobility services, according to The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Mobility Services, Q1 2013 report ¹. Based on an analysis of 13 global leaders' enterprise mobility capabilities and how they stack up, the report indicates that IBM “brings clients a world-class design agency (IBM Interactive) combined with breadth and depth of enterprise mobility consulting both in terms of technology capabilities and global presence.”

Additionally, the report emphasizes that clients also benefit from “IBM's range of domain and industry consulting skills and practices across technologies such as analytics, cloud and social, which IBM cross-skills into many of its mobile engagements.”

“We believe this report is a great acknowledgement of how IBM helps clients to not only integrate mobile into their day-to-day business strategies, but how to use mobile technologies as a powerful catalyst to pursue new business models, opportunities and create new markets," said Kevin Custis, global leader mobility services, IBM Global Business Services. "IBM is working with clients around the world on mobile engagements to transform their business and become more competitive.”

¹ The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise mobility Services, Q1 2013, February 2013. Copyright (c) 2013, Forrester Research, Inc.

Capitalizing on Transformation Opportunities with Mobile

To build a Smarter Planet, organizations must embrace the evolutionary shift in the way that computing has become embedded in our lives. Mobile is a unique opportunity to re-think the way businesses interact with customers, employees and partners. It offers a different value - as an always-connected communications tool, it is a unique platform to build intimacy with your desired audience. Visionary organizations are embracing the confluence of mobile, social, and analytics technologies to proactively engage with their audience. Mobile gives you the opportunity to anticipate user needs by being aware of the user’s immediate context including location, social situation and current activity, and then offering the immediate value of context sensitive follow-up actions.

Confluence of mobile, social and analytics

The emergence of truly mobile computing devices (smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices) has only increased the evolutionary shift in the way that humans use computers and tools to communicate and manage their daily lives and relationships. Visionary organizations considering the incorporation of mobile into their marketing and communication strategy must embrace the confluence of mobile and social, and embrace the capability to analyze user behavior as part of their strategy.

Establish a successful mobile strategy

Realizing the full potential of mobile requires creating a successful mobile strategy. Your business goals and audience goals need to be aligned to your current or planned IT capabilities. Considerations should include the business vision, the capabilities required to close gaps, which mobile use cases offer the highest value to your target audience and your existing mobile strategy.

A successful mobile strategy also provides strategic direction. Mobile capabilities must consider audience needs, business case considerations, as well as IT and human resource readiness. Additionally, deciding which existing platforms are relevant and which new tools and technologies might be needed is necessary to deliver an achievable strategy. This helps ensure a development and deployment approach that is based on technical feasibility, customer value and time to market priorities.

IBM delivers innovative solutions

IBM Interactive is a world-class interactive agency with a truly unique ability to imagine and deliver compelling user experiences. We have the versatility and imagination of a dynamic interactive agency, backed by the discipline, depth and expertise of IBM - energy and rigor, combined. Our application portfolio ranges from internal workforce applications to customer-facing applications for banks, airlines, cities, retailers, and international sporting events. IBM Interactive has worked with nearly every device platform (Android™, BlackBerry®, iOS, Mobile Web, Windows Mobile) and form factor (rugged handheld, Smartphone, tablet).

IBM has 200+ patents for mobile and location based technology and IBM Interactive has created award winning mobile apps that have been downloaded by millions of our clients' customers. We deliver solutions based on innovative uses of web, mobile and emerging technologies to solve complex business problems for our clients. We do this with three key capabilities: our skills and experience, our products and assets, and our methods and tools.

Mobile requires risk management

While there are many opportunities with mobile, you need to ensure that you are putting the right security policies and governance in place. Business and personal data now coexist on the same device; finding a balance between strict security control and privacy of personal data can be challenging. Your security approach needs to evolve for mobile to by incorporating mobile security into an overall risk management program. Embracing mobile starts with the right plan that has the appropriate policy and governance in place.

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