IBM Subscription-based Hosting Services for SAP Business All-in-One

Reinvent your business with SAP on the IBM Cloud


Midmarket organizations that want to use a world-class enterprise resource planning (ERP) application first think of the high capital expenditure, inherent complexity and time involved in its implementation.

With IBM’s cloud-based services, organizations can now think of quickly creating an agile business system using SAP Business All-in-One industry solutions, in an easy pay-as-you-use subscription model.

IBM’s Subscription-based Hosting Services gives organizations a cost-effective, faster and more flexible cloud-based SAP solution —featuring a range of hardware and software infrastructure, leading-edge automation, remote access tools and budget-friendly features.


When organizations think of implementing SAP Business All-in-One or a full suite SAP ERP, typical challenges that come up are:

IBM’s Subscription-based Hosting Services provides economies of scale and a managed environment to help organizations quickly achieve their business objectives.

IBM Subscription-based Hosting Services – Ease of use

IBM’s unique subscription-based services provides organizations an attractive “per-user, per-month” payment model, thereby reducing capital expenditure on SAP licence costs and other infrastructure overheads. Organizations can get up to speed in days (not weeks), with SAP’s pre-configured industry solutions backed by IBM’s world-class business systems.

How IBM Can Help

IBM brings together SAP software, cloud hosting services and pre-configured industry solutions in a powerful combination to provide rapid deployment with lower client TCO and faster time to value. These SAP environments are delivered through an IBM-hosted cloud that helps remove system and infrastructure barriers, thereby reducing overall cost. In addition IBM provides outsourced application management support services of all your SAP applications including up-front design and build-through, to ongoing management and development. IBM AMS ensures your SAP applications are optimized, responsive and available to users when they need them.

Why IBM?

IBM has a long history of helping companies manage and host enterprise applications, an industry-leading portfolio of key middleware technologies and an enterprise-class cloud service delivery platform. With IBM’s SmartCloud, organizations can get unparalleled breadth and maturity of the IBM cloud solutions portfolio – covering all cloud deployment options for Public or Private cloud. IBM is certified by SAP for cloud hosting of SAP solutions. IBM provides value-added services and applications – pre-configured SAP Express industry vertical Solutions. With a large and experienced SAP practice, IBM has the highest client satisfaction rating by being the only systems integrator to win the prestigious SAP Award of Excellence every year since its inception. IBM is also the recognized worldwide leader in the application management services market (IDC, 2009).