IBM Archive and Essence Manager

Archive, store, transfer and process files to support
production workflows in media

As organizations move towards file-based media production and distribution, many find it difficult to manage media (essence) files in a holistic manner - and are constrained by the need for a secure long-term solution to store and archive digital media for reduced cost and cross-channel media distribution.

IBM Archive and Essence Manager is a multi-format essence management application that is designed to orchestrate the workflow for processing and archiving large media files, particularly in the broadcast industry.

Why is IBM’s Archive and Essence Manager better than other applications?

IBM Archive and Essence Manager is being used by broadcast clients worldwide. It can be scaled easily to handle large workloads and has built-in mechanisms to provide high availability and stability. The mix of online and nearline storage provides optimal overall balance between fast access and cost effectiveness. IBM Archive and Essence Manager:

A LFTS-specific edition of IBM's Archive and Essence Manager is sold under the brand name of "IBM LTFS Storage Manager".