Smarter Games for Government

Challenges in Government

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Games are extremely adept at explaining complex systems. Governments can use them to host smarter bi-lateral conversations with citizenry.

The US Government, at every level, faces a daunting challenge: solve increasingly complex world problems on an ever-decreasing budget. The issues the government must address include:

Serious Games in Government

At the strategic level, Serious Games offer simulation and modeling of scenarios that provide insight into how geographically dispersed teams can work together to solve complex problems.

At the operational level, Serious Games help make sense of volumes of data and enable better decision making.

At the tactical level, teams and even individuals can better understand processes, and how individual actions contribute to and affect the whole mission.

SmartPlay in Government

IBM’s Smarter Serious Games can incorporate dynamic data. Dynamic data translates to real models and simulations that most accurately reflect the real-life scenarios and provide real analytics. In these realistic scenarios, IBM uses city sims for players that enable hypothesis and strategy testing to determine best outcomes. This trial-and-error approach in actual situations or in less sophisticated models could result in loss of valuable time, money, additional resources and possibly even lives. The city sim games utilize data from both sensor data (power and water usage, transportation schedules, etc.) and from player-generated data in/from mobile devices. This approach gives our city sim platforms the ability to support multiple communities of practice, from citizens to urban planners, to glean value.

  • The Making of CityOne

    The Making of IBM CityOne

    Learn why IBM created a sim game.

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