Smarter Serious Games

IBM Smartplay integrates real processes and real data into problem-solving games

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We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

Tap the power of your organization's collective intelligence and apply it to understanding and overcoming challenges that until now were deemed unapproachable. Computers are unmatched in their ability to aggregate and process data. Humans have intuition, pattern-matching skills, and leaps of insight that by far exceed those of computers. IBM SmartPlay helps you combine the strengths of both to achieve the heretofore unachievable.

Did you know?

The average age of the gamer today is 37.

The Internet enables us all to harness capabilities and amass data as never before. And, to solve big problems, it is ‘tailor-made’ for providing access to this data to a broad cross-section of people. It can take many people trying many different scenarios to uncover the right solution, and we use serious games as a means to both provide the motivation for people to collaborate and to visualize complex problems.

The games we devise to gain a better understanding of the world and creatively tackle problems could be as diverse as the issues to be dealt with:

Did you know?

FastCompany listed IBM as one of the Top 10 Companies in Gaming due to of our work in serious games.

Serious Games Capabilities

IBM SmartPlay

Serious Games are not new, but Serious Games on the SmartPlay Framework backed by artificial intelligence and the power of crowdsourcing – takes games to a new level. These games contain:

Our phased approach, beginning with a Discovery Workshop, allows our clients to understand the options and select what works best for their challenges, their audiences and their budget.