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Empowering Women With the Tools to Succeed

As the world’s largest and leading consultancy, IBM GBS is uniquely positioned to provide our practitioners with career opportunities other firms just can’t provide. With the company’s breadth and depth – 425,000 people worldwide helping clients across 20 industries in 170 countries – we are able to provide an environment rich in career and leadership opportunities.

We offer a broad set of programs and resources designed to help you maximize your potential and hit the ground running. Regardless of where you are in your career, we have the training, tools and networks to help you gain the skills you need to accelerate your career. Developed by women for women, these programs integrate proven methodologies and learning platforms to help women practitioners succeed at IBM. You’ll benefit from:

Women at IBM

Some of Our Most Popular Programs

Network of Emerging Women (NEW)

A community-based program that uses education, mentorship, and networking opportunities to better prepare newly hired women for successful careers in GBS and their role as leaders. Open to entry-level through senior-level new hires.

Basic Blue for Leaders

A development offering for newly appointed people managers at IBM that works to accelerate leadership skills by allowing participants to practice and immediately apply their learning in peer-to-peer collaboration exercises. Open to all levels.

Taking the Stage ™

This four part program is designed to strengthen women’s leadership skills by developing a new, more confident presence and adapting techniques necessary to becoming more persuasive leaders. All levels welcome.

Setting the Stage ™

A five-module program provides insight into the “unwritten rules” that can govern corporate culture. Participants uncover the hidden realities that can trip women up in their efforts to advance their careers by “cracking the code” and mastering five key areas. Open to all levels.

Building Relationships and Influences (BRI)

A nomination-only program for senior-level consultants uses experiential and action-centered learning to help women gain skills in building, developing and maintaining business relationships and influencing skills that are key traits in any leader.


An educational experience designed to accelerate performance and career progression for those close to reaching executive using innovative and effective learning approaches that enhance personal impact, business acumen and career navigation skills

Developed for New Hires: Networking of Emerging Women Leaders

A recent addition to our portfolio of programs, Network of Emerging Women (NEW) Leaders was conceived with you in mind. Designed for women new to GBS, NEW provides you with a ready-made community of peers, mentors, networking opportunities and training to help you navigate the organization and gain the training and skills you need to jump-start your career. NEW provides you with:

A Focus on Mentoring

At IBM we believe mentoring is a powerful tool. It allows our women practitioners to reach their development goals and capitalize on opportunities by sharing knowledge, expanding their networks, and promoting IBM's values across the organization. The real power lies in IBMers developing IBMers — not just hierarchically but peers developing peers. With a proactive process of mentorship, our women employees can gain support from not only a direct manager but also from people outside their management chain, their service line or their functional area. It can provide you, as a new hire, with needed advice, encouragement and a sounding board for your ideas and goals.

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“This is all about building skills within a targeted community, and developing a global network of powerful women who will reach their full leadership potential and act as catalysts for change across our business”

Liz Brown, Building Relationships and Influencing program founder