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Smarter people for a smarter planet

At IBM, we continually have the opportunity to change the way the world works. A smarter planet does not just build itself—it takes the collaboration of smart and diverse people. That is where you come in.

IBM’s consulting business is looking for bright and inspired graduates to join Consulting by Degrees, our world-class leadership and development program. We provide you with the tailored mentoring, education, and practical experience you need to grow your potential and accelerate your career.

Designed by experts to help new consultants become tomorrow's leaders, Consulting by Degrees gives you the opportunity to:

Personalized career planning and mentoring guide you as you develop your leadership and consulting skills. The path below shows how your learning and development leads to opportunities for career advancement.

Consulting by Degrees will develop your leadership and development skills through a defined education path.

We have opportunities around the world, so if this sounds like a great way to launch your career, check our current list of opportunities and apply online. If we believe you are a good fit for IBM, we will contact you.

Spotlight: Entry-level consultants make an impact

Consulting by Degrees was first built and piloted in the United States and is now global in over 50 countries. Read what some of our program participants are saying, and watch these videos to hear about the program.


We are IBM

Consulting by Degrees Participants around the world were asked to create a video describing what it is like to be a part of the program in their region. This video comes from two of our program participants in Peru.


This is Consulting by Degrees

Created by Consulting by Degrees program participants, IBMers share their thoughts on the program, including both program participants and program leadership.

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Are you ready for IBM?

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New Voices for the Path Forward

New year New world. New voices for our path forward

Using mobile devices and a new, novel collaborative video production process, millennial generation IBMers in the Consulting by Degrees program share their perspective on the path forward for IBM's consulting organization, Global Business Services.

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Smart people to take IBM to the next level – meet Consulting by Degrees participants

Jasmin Jasmin graduated from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and joined Consulting by Degrees in Sweden February 2013. She is currently working on a large eCommerce project as a User Interface developer and tester within the retail industry and before that Jasmin had a role as System analyst. She aspires to become a business architect; her primary goal is to develop a solid technology and business knowledge base.

“The Consulting by Degrees program is the perfect start to a vibrant career. From the beginning you get the chance to work on large projects and exciting clients. You gain a lot of knowledge and meet interesting people, as well as build a solid network which leads to great work experience with senior consultants and enhances client relations.”

Sydney Sydney graduated from Howard University and joined Consulting by Degrees - Public Sector in the United States in July 2013. Sydney has thoroughly enjoyed her tenure at IBM thus far. Sydney has been able to work with IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, specifically Social Business, through promoting the use of social tools and collaboration in her client's organization. She has had the opportunity to help recruit future candidates at her alma mater and volunteer with IBM communities in the Washington DC area.

"Consulting by Degrees has given me the opportunity to explore varying roles and skills that I never knew I would enjoy or that even existed. It helps you find your niche and gives you the tools to perform at a high-level, which I believe is a crucial factor for entry-level professionals and has been a tremendous help for me in road mapping my future."

yunyun Yunyun graduated from Tsinghua University and joined Consulting by Degrees in Beijing, China. She is working in the Strategy and Transformation area, and been assigned to projects in operations and business transformation since July 2013. Yunyun is enthusiastic about being engaged in the challenging problem-solving career that IBM offers.

"It is my great honor to be a member of Consulting by Degrees. This fantastic program opens a door for me to the consulting industry. I have learned many consulting skills and the professional IBMer working style. It is pretty exciting to work and make friends with so many smart people here. I am looking forward to building a smarter planet."

sebastian Sebastian , a graduate from Linköping University, joined Consulting by Degrees in Sweden in January 2012. Since the start he has been on projects with different roles across several industries. Currently Sebastian is working in the telecommunication industry as a functional consultant in a Cloud Transformation program.

“The Consulting by Degrees program has given me all the experience, training and support needed to build my consulting skills. You are given much responsibility and trust from the very beginning which together with the support, training and the great network of colleagues enables you to continuously develop yourself. I genuinely feel my work is meaningful and I look forward to all the new challenges, international experiences and fun that a career at IBM will bring”

MariMari graduated from Waseda University and joined Consulting by Degrees in Japan in April 2012. Her first on-the-job-training was a new marketing project using Social media analytics and she was very excited to be part of this challenging project. Although she has only been in the program for one year, she has already worked in many services areas within IBM, like Analytics, SAP, and Transformation.

“The Consulting by Degrees program gives me not only skills but also opportunities like meeting wonderful colleagues and instructors, working on projects which I take an interest in and working with global IBMers in India, US, and so on. I am enjoying these opportunities and work hard everyday for my client and my growth”

Juan Juan graduated from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia as an Electronics Engineer and joined the the Latin America CbD program in 2012. Juan would recommend the Consulting by Degrees program to anyone who wants to learn how to become a leader.

“I've been in the CbD program for over a year now and have experienced and learned many things. I'm very excited to be part of this program because it offers me a bright future through intensive training and challenging projects, and because I'm very proud to say that I'm part of one of the biggest and most recognized companies in the world. I am a CbD IBMer!”

Mihika Mihika graduated from James Cook University and joined the Consulting by Degrees program in Singapore in 2012. She is part of the first group of participants in Southeast Asia and is very excited to be part of the vibrant Consulting by Degrees community. Mihika has had the opportunity to work both within IBM as well as on a project for the shipping industry.

“Consulting by Degrees has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with IBMers across Southeast Asia as well as globally. It has given me the privilege to form strong, lasting bonds with them. Training is held with our Consulting by Degrees colleagues from across the region – this provides us with a platform to learn and further develop our consulting skills by drawing on each others’ experiences and forming a solid network.”

Antoine Antoine joined the Consulting by Degrees program in Dubai, UAE during 2012. He graduated with a degree in International Relations from Franklin College in Switzerland. During his time in the program so far, he has had projects in several areas, including a global financial transformation for a logistics company and creating a high-tech roadmap for a public university.

“Consulting by Degrees exposes me to the breadth of cross-industry and cross-cultural professional experiences I need to become an empathetic and decisive leader in the complex business environment of the 21st century. I have been able to combine my academic background with deep exposure into the business world to develop a lens of analysis through which to comprehend the challenges faced by our clients and help them to compete in the global markets.”