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Be a leader at a leading company

Consulting is just one of many areas in which IBM excels—and which you can excel. As the world’s largest consulting organization we partner with our clients to create and implement change that matters. Our business diversity offers access to resources that you won’t find anywhere else:

IBM Consultants apply these strengths to business issues and opportunities, giving our clients not only the ability to anticipate change, but also take advantage of new possibilities.

Talented people matter

We believe today, as we did a century ago, that the success of our company depends on the success of our people. The skills and expertise of IBMers are the true differentiators—for our company, for our clients, and for the world.

As a full-time entry-level consultant at IBM Global Business Services, you’ll join Consulting by Degrees—our world-class leadership and development program designed to provide the full-spectrum of training, development, and practical experience necessary to successfully launch and accelerate your career.

And if you're a GBS Consultant – Intern for the summer, you’ll gain insight into Consulting by Degrees as well as consideration for full-time employment in the program upon graduation.

Smart people to take IBM to the next level

Join Consulting by Degrees and become part of something special:

Consulting by Degrees (PDF, 330KB) opens doors. Take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your expertise among a diverse and esteemed international network of colleagues—IBMers represent some of the most extraordinary, sophisticated and insightful people from around the world—mentors and connections that will continue to propel your career forward for a lifetime.

From the business insight of Strategy Consulting and technical prowess of Application Innovation Services to Business Analytics and Optimization—the Opportunities are nearly limitless at IBM Global Business Services.

Entry-level consultants make an impact

CassandraCassandra, a graduate of University of Maryland, joined Consulting by Degrees - Public Sector. We asked Cassandra, If you had two pieces of advice to share with other university students looking for a career in consulting what would they be?

“First, I would tell them to be ready for anything. I happen to be working on a very large project that's been around for four years already. However, I have friends dressing in suits, working for Generals, friends on projects of only three people, and others working on proposals (projects that are just in the works). Second, I’d tell them to be ready, open, and excited. Each opportunity is different and awards you with different experiences, so being eager and motivated to learn is crucial to your success.”

EvanEvan graduated from Pennsylvania State University and joined Consulting by Degrees – Commercial Sector – he’s always looking for a challenge and to solve complex problems! Evan has worked hard to build his personal brand providing him with opportunities to take on a variety of roles such as Project Management Assistant, Organization Alignment Analyst, Testing, and Strategy.

“Consulting by Degrees provides an opportunity to broaden your horizon with the potential roles that are out there, while in a short period determine what work you want to do and specialize in those skills to perform at a high level.”

Are we visiting your school?

Check out our Schools and Events section. We’d love to meet you! We typically conduct preselect interviews from the students who submit resumes through university Career Services and apply online.

If we're not visiting your school, it doesn't mean we aren't interested. We hire from many schools that we can't visit, so apply online! If we believe we have an opportunity for you, we'll contact you for an initial telephone interview.

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