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Data, in all forms, is expanding as a resource to be utilized. Yet in many industries and professions, the data explosion is outstripping the human capacity to understand the meaning hidden within that data. Cognitive computing is able to unlock the potential in all data - internal, external, structured, unstructured, voice, and visual - and make it work together. Enterprises can make better operational decisions, understand customer wants and needs, communicate in real time, and optimize business processes – infused with the cognitive ability to understand, reason, and learn.

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Glenn Finch, Global Managing Partner, Cognitive and Analytics

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The Cognitive Bank

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Featured Client Stories

Metlife: Getting Closer to Customers with Cognitive

Martin Lippert, EVP and Head of global technology and operations, helps MetLife stay focused on customers and outthink risk in the cognitive era. Metlife is at a new frontier with cognitive computing for how they interact with customers and ultimately for providing the ability to compete, lead and win in the marketplace.

ExxonMobil: Technology Moves Upstream

IT Vice President Mike Brown sees ExxonMobil as a technology company that happens to be in the energy business. See him discuss a history of innovation, moving from analytics to cognitive, reimagining work and what the future may bring.

How to Create a Flexible Foundation: Banking in the Cognitive Era

ABN Amro COO Johan van Hall is seeing a seismic digital shift in his industry. He covers a range of Global C-suite Study insights and discusses moving to agile, cognitive banking uses, startups & looks to the future.

IBM and MLSE Pair on Cognitive Slam Dunk for Toronto Raptors

As part of the grand opening of the Toronto Raptors’ BioSteel Centre today, IBM and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment are introducing a first of its kind solution called IBM Sports Insights Central. The solution is designed to transform the Raptors’ talent evaluation processes by reimagining data through cognitive and analytics technology.

Start with a Cognitive Strategy

Who are you focused on? What action do you want them take? How do they want to interact? These questions help determine where to start and how to apply cognition to fundamentally transform your business. The Cognitive Business Solutions practice draws on the expertise of more than 2,000 consulting professionals spanning machine learning, advanced analytics, and data science, all supported by specialists with deep industry understanding.

Industry Examples


For a major retailer, IBM developed a cognitive solution that analyzes the client's data in the context of information from multiple external sources – including local weather and up-to-the-minute social sentiment – to sense deviations in demand for selected products, make recommendations in areas from replenishment to pricing and dramatically improve demand forecasting.
Download our Retail POV Thinking like a customer: Your cognitive future in the retail industry


The cognitive systems of a leading provider of consumer insurance use Watson natural language capabilities to answer questions and provide advice about the company's products and services to create a more compelling online experience.
Download our Insurance POV Understanding customers and risk: Your cognitive future in the insurance industry


IBM is working with healthcare organizations to apply the technology in genomics to advance cancer care by accelerating DNA analysis for personalized treatment options.
Download our Healthcare POV A booster shot for health and wellness: Your cognitive future in the healthcare industry


In financial services, IBM is working with clients to apply cognitive to better manage risk and provide personalized guidance and investment options.
Download our Banking and Financial Markets POV Breakthrough banking: Your cognitive future in banking and financial markets


In education, cognitive technology is being used to personalize academic instruction and enhance academic experiences for students and teachers.

Designing Customer Experiences – With Speed

IBM Interactive Experience, combined with Business Analytics and Strategy, connects data with design to develop customer experiences that drive results. The adoption of any new technology always requires change management, and IBM consulting supports change in all C-suite domains. IBM has forged strategic partnerships Apple, Twitter, The Weather Company, and Facebook – aimed at providing exclusive access to many data sources at scale. Only IBM provides a holistic approach to get you started on the journey to becoming a cognitive enterprise.

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