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Enabling the Globally Integrated Enterprise by driving Continuous
Process Improvement with Business Process Management

Mobile, social, digital and analytics are radically changing our clients' business – and these technologies are enabling a new client agenda – Front Office Transformation.

For years, the world has spoken of information technology as support of business strategy. This is the tipping point – information as business strategy. Front office transformation has two primary components: Front office digitization and the globally integrated enterprise.

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How do you best respond to emerging opportunities and threats in your market? Business Process Management (BPM) systems allow you to develop an agile IT infrastructure that can rapidly adapt to the demands of changing market.

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Smarter Process plays a critical role in delivering the globally integrated enterprise – enabling a digital front office. Core to a globally integrated operating model is maintaining visibility, control and management of business processes in order to make real-time adjustments to business operations in response to ‘new data’ in the marketplace, while ensuring strict compliance to business rules through decision management and automation capability..

Business process management solutions and capabilities

Business process management is an important element of smarter process and is key to transforming organizations into a globally integrated enterprise. IBM’s approach to business process management is about driving value from process optimization using technology as an enabler and to maintain a continuous improvement capability that is organic to the client.

IBM brings strategic insight, deep industry expertise coupled with a broad set of business process management capabilities that increase visibility to enable proactive action and rapid response to improve business performance. We are focused on building industry-based solutions enabled by both software and services expertise to address key industry pain points and help realize true business value.

Getting started with business process management visioning

Improve your clients experience by continuously optimizing the performance, visibility, and agility of business processes and value chains. An assessment can help your clients analyze current business processes and then envision the desired business process alignment and associated technical architecture and how they can achieve the desired outcomes.

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