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IBM Signature Solutions address key challenges

Decision makers everywhere can tap into their big data to uncover lucrative business opportunities, and inject certainty and predictability into all that they do.

IBM Signature Solutions feature advanced software, powerful hardware, a big data platform, and leading business analytics and optimization services that work together to analyze massive volumes of data from a variety of sources. These solutions can help organizations of all types and sizes meet a variety of business needs, including predicting trends and opportunities, building customer loyalty, preventing fraud, improve financial performance, optimizing operations, and much more.

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IBM Signature Solution - next best action

Maximize every customer interaction to build long-term relationships

The IBM Signature Solution – next best action helps maximize every client interaction to build long-term customer relationships. It enables you to deliver the most appropriate action at the right time across channels. Comprehensive views of the customer and real-time analytics help you anticipate customer behavior. This leads to more personalized customer interactions. The IBM next best action solution can result in higher levels of service delivery and customer satisfaction, increased retention, improved up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and enhanced lifetime value and loyalty.





IBM Signature Solution - CFO performance insight

Improve visibility, insight and control over financial performance

The IBM Signature Solution – CFO performance insight helps improve visibility, insight and control over financial performance with predictive capabilities applied to KPIs and data on past performance. The predictive analytics guide users with root-cause analyses. What-if analysis and traditional business intelligence combine to help you build an executive-style dashboard. Organizations can uncover relationships among KPIs, anticipate performance gaps and assess alternatives with scenario planning.





IBM Signature Solution - anti-fraud, waste and abuse

Detect fraudulent behavior and suspicious claims

The IBM Signature Solution – anti-fraud, waste and abuse helps you detect fraudulent behavior and suspicious claims. The solution embeds advanced algorithms directly into your business processes, giving you the ability to detect fraud in real time–before funds are paid out. Using sophisticated analytics, the solution recommends the most effective remedy for each case, optimizing your organization’s finite resources.





IBM Signature Solutions - predictive asset optimization

Gain unparalleled insight into health of your assets

The new IBM Signature Solution - predictive asset optimization combines operations, process and monitoring data with your organization's work management system to provide unparalleled insight into the health of your organization's assets. It enables you to maintain, monitor and optimize production assets for better availability, utilization and performance. And it can help you predict asset failure to optimize quality and supply chain processes.





IBM Signature Solutions - risk management

Unlock the value of risk management to provide competitive advantage

The new IBM Signature Solution - risk management helps organizations derive competitive advantage from their risk management processes. It enables comprehensive credit risk management across all wholesale product lines throughout the lifecycle. It helps Chief Financial Officers and Chief Risk Officers in financial institutions anticipate and quickly respond to a rapidly evolving risk and regulatory environment.