Breaking away with business
analytics and optimization

New intelligence meets enterprise operations

Three ways to go further with business analytics

Success with business analytics requires more than the data and algorithms. It requires a company culture committed to using information for breakthrough ideas and operations.

A new paper from IBM, "Breaking away with business analytics and optimization: New intelligence meets enterprise operations" (PDF, 1.2MB), reveals three ways that the most successful companies are taking action when they deploy business analytics. Based on a recent study of business leaders, it is clear that higher performing organizations have these differentiating characteristics:

How do companies acquire these critical characteristics and use them to achieve business objectives? Our "Breaking Away" paper shows how success depends on management structures such as data governance, as well as advanced analytic tools and programs for changing people and business processes.

In our earlier study, "Business analytics and optimization for the intelligent enterprise" (PDF, 394KB), business leaders worldwide told us they frequently lacked information needed to make critical decisions. One-half said they didn't have access to information required to do their jobs, or close information gaps to reach business objectives.

Today business analytics and optimization (BAO) is helping organizations in every industry use information for business advantage. It is helping them meet objectives such as growth, competitive differentiation and cost management by making choices about what markets to pursue, how to configure and price offerings, and how to make operations more effective and efficient.

To find out how analytics can help you gain speed, agility and the right timing for winning maneuvers, download our studies below.

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