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IBM Client Center for Advanced Analytics: Giving clients access to the future of analytics

Analytics is important to business today. And with the Client Center for Advanced Analytics (CCAA) in Columbus, Ohio, clients will have access to both local and global IBM researchers and experts. The CCAA can serve clients within North America or around the globe. The insights from the CCAA on emerging analytics technologies and solutions can help you face challenging issues.

Giving you what you need
Our CCAA offers the tools, technology and people to provide you with the latest Predictive and Prescriptive solutions in Advanced Analytics, as well as support your Foundational Data Transformation projects, like Master Data Management, ETL Automation and Data Visualization. Our collaboration with Academia, IBM Research and Cross-Industry Partners helps give you a competitive advantage.

The CCAAs can give you access to solutions like:

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More insights, more uptime, more flexibility
The IBM Big Data platform helps in the analysis on machine, operational and social data—to name a few. Users can make faster, smarter decisions based on insights that previously would have been lost. You’ll be able to innovate and create new products to meet your customers’ future needs.

The IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality solution can analyze different types of data to detect failure patterns and poor-quality parts earlier than traditional solutions. This can reduce costly downtime while boosting the quality of your output.

You can arrange for a personalized complimentary workshop to be held at your location or at the CCAA. During this workshop your organization can discover its strengths and areas of opportunity—like quick benchmarking against your high-performing peers. Then discover what the IBM Rapid Analytics Results Program can do for your company.

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Rollin B. Lovell

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IBM Client Center: Analytics Solutions Lab, Columbus, Ohio

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