Focal jobs

Viewing talent through a different lens

Identifying,understanding and managing focal jobs

Increasingly, organizations are being asked to improve workforce productivity and limit discretionary spending. By identifying those jobs that truly influence the standing of businesses in the marketplace, as well as the people, practices and performance criteria needed to support these responsibilities, organizations can pinpoint areas that require extra attention, and more effectively allocate limited resources.

In "Focal Jobs: Viewing talent through a different lens," we highlight the very real challenges and considerations associated with bringing focal positions to the forefront of corporate attention and managing them on an ongoing basis.

Through research conducted with three global companies in the distribution services, professional services and information services industries, we have developed a practical, fact-based approach for determining and understanding focal jobs, and identified three primary steps enterprises can take to more effectively manage talent investments associated with those responsibilities. By addressing how focal jobs are designed and structured, and how the business's talent management practices enable effective job performance, companies can optimize the impact of their limited investments and make a direct contribution to organizational success.

Download the complete IBM Institute for Business Value study (1.4MB)

Download the executive summary (798KB)

Download the complete IBM Institute for Business Value study

Focal jobs: Viewing talent through a different lens (1.4MB)

Download the executive summary (798KB)

Meet the authors

  • Eric Lesser

    Eric Lesser

    Research Director and North America Leader IBM Institute for Business Value IBM Global Business Services

  • #

    Denis Brousseau

    Vice President and Global Leader, Organization and People IBM Global Business Services

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