How smart is your city?

Helping cities measure progress

Our world's cities are home to more than half the world's populations and are experiencing unprecedented growth and intense intra-city competition. Each city is a complex network of components—citizens, businesses, transport, communications, water, energy, city services, and other systems—and each city has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. A city should also have a vision of what it would like to become and how it would like to be perceived.

Understanding how a city can improve and change through the lens of these elements offers new perspectives on the progress a city is making toward achieving their goals and visions. How can this be accomplished? Through refinement of a city strategy.

Developing a city strategy is both the hardest and most essential step to becoming a smarter, differentiated and attractive city. So what does defining a city strategy offer? It can help determine where and when to invest, articulate key milestones and returns on investment, help define an integration/optimization calendar across all systems, and help discover new opportunities for growth and optimization.

Assessing a city's core systems and activities is the first step towards sustainable prosperity by making use of new "smart" solutions and management practices through the following strategies:

IBM offers the Smarter Cities Assessment--a tool for assessing performance and overall capabilities against peer cities. In addition, benchmarks can help your city identify areas of improvement and develop a comprehensive city strategy.

If your city is interested in conducting a smarter cities assessment, contact your local IBM representative, or Roel Spee,

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