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The need for personalized health care

To succeed in transforming healthcare, many countries will need to move to more personalized healthcare (PHC). Successful migration must encourage innovation, provide access to more complete patient information and incorporate advanced clinical knowledge into clinical decision making. Therefore, PHC will require a much more open, robust health information technology (HIT) environment than exists today.

We have identified five major challenges to HIT-enabled PHC:

A robust HIT environment that addresses the five challenges is necessary but by no means sufficient for a successful journey to PHC. Other issues relating to policy, funding, education, culture and ethics must also be tackled. As such, the path to PHC will require numerous experiments, with rapid adoption of lessons learned through both successes and failures.

Some may question the costs associated with the PHC path. However, as countries and organizations continue to make significant investments in healthcare, they need to ask themselves: Should expenditures continue on waste, inefficiency and low-value care or, instead, should investments be made to enable the transformation to a more personalized, patient-centric, value-based, rapidly learning, affordable and sustainable healthcare system? Clearly, we favor the second option and believe that PHC is integral to comprehensive health reform.

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