Making change work
…while the work keeps changing

How Change Architects lead and manage organizational change

Learn how Change Architects lead and manage change

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Disruption has become every organization’s constant companion. Rapidly evolving technology, an ever-growing mountain of data and the increasing need for global integration make it difficult for even the most forward-thinking companies to keep up with increasing change. Yet, the ability to anticipate, manage and capitalize on pervasive change is often the difference between market leadership and extinction.

What is the difference between those companies that successfully manage change and those that fail? Are there organizations that stand out in reducing — or at least maintaining — the gap between the pace and volume of change, and the development of change management capabilities?

To find out, IBM conducted the second Making Change Work study, which surveyed nearly 1,400 professionals in 48 countries. to determine how organizations perceive the challenges of change in today’s business climate, as well as identify those organizations that have developed the capabilities to stay apace of change.

What we found is that three significant building blocks are common to those organizations that excel at managing change while the work keeps changing. We call these organizations “Change Architects.” They are establishing policies and practices that others must master if they wish to join the ranks of those organizations that make change work. Change Architects embrace three critical imperatives that enable them to be change-effective:

Learn how Change Architects lead and manage change

View the infographic

To read more about what Change Architects do differently to make change work and assess your organization’s ability to manage change in today’s tumultuous business environment, download the complete IBM Institute for Business Value executive report (PDF, 2MB).

Download the IBM Institute for Business Value Executive Report

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