Corporate Social Responsibility

Strengthen your competitive position and help build
a smarter planet: Integrate Corporate Social
Responsibility and Green into your core
business strategy

Organizations today are embracing a more sustainable approach to business - one that takes into account the environmental and societal impact of their activities. By factoring this accountability into their strategy, they implement new ways to source, manufacture, and distribute goods in a more sustainable manner, often while simultaneously lowering costs. And, based on more transparent and proactive engagement with employees, consumers and the communities where they operate, organzations are becoming better equipped to create products and services for a smarter planet.

Changing the Game: You need to monitor, measure and manage information related to key business operations whether you're talking about reducing energy use throughout an entire enterprise, designing a product to be more environmentally responsible, or monitoring supply chain partners for compliance with labor standards.

AMR annoints IBM Green Sigma™ Coalition the first All-Star team of the low-carbon economy

Corporate Social Responsibility Thought Leadership from IBM