The future of the Consumer Products industry

The end of the world...or a world of opportunity?

A changing world for the Consumer Products Industry

The market dynamics for the Consumer Products Industry are changing – rapidly and drastically. Explosive population growth, increased urbanization, an evolving customer base and global climate and natural resource issues are combining to create both significant opportunities and daunting challenges.

An emerging class of consumer is poised to become the middle class of tomorrow, and Consumer Products companies will need to act quickly and decisively to establish brand loyalties, especially in the face of aggressive private-label competition.

At the same time, increasing consumption, climate changes, energy shortages and other resource issues are putting pressure on production, cost and distribution.

Going forward, the status quo will no longer suffice. To flourish in this rapidly changing world, Consumer Products companies must focus on flawless execution in connecting with consumers, managing supply chain efficiencies and collaborating with channel partners.

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  • Guy Blissett

    Guy Blissett

    IBM Sales & Distribution, Human Resources, Wholesale Distribution Lead

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