Green and beyond

Getting smarter about the environment

Going Green: Building efficient, sustainable operations

Environmental sustainability – encompassing conservation, pollution prevention and more – is not merely an operational imperative for 21st-century businesses, but is also an avenue for growth.

Companies that develop environmentally sound strategies, initiatives and programs, are finding new opportunities and value propositions, resulting in brand enrichment, improved regulatory compliance, enhanced visibility to investors and more. Environmental sustainability encompasses four dimensions:

Unlocking the value in green depends on sustainable operational efficiency, green buildings and infrastructures, and intelligent ecosystems.

Further, by systematically managing water and energy use, as well as greenhouse gas emissions, smart organizations can realize true sustainability while achieving real business benefits – driving growth at the individual, organizational and population levels.

We must all work together to drive real progress in our world – to become green and beyond.

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Meet the author

  • Karen Butner

    Karen Butner

    Supply Chain Management Lead, IBM Institute for Business Value

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