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Meet Cedric, a Senior Management Consultant with our Oracle CRM Tiger Team


Cedric's secret to success: "Be goal-oriented, be proactive, seek opportunites for growth and go after them."

Technical guru
Cedric is a Technical Architect with a background in networking and infrastructure technology. "I enjoy the opportunity to work with the client and project teams to assist in overcoming technical and strategic business challenges," Cedric says. "My strengths are in technical requirements gathering, infrastructure architecture design, project management and troubleshooting complex technical issues." His professional accomplishments include designing multiple technical infrastructures to support various enterprise application solutions such as Genesys, Siebel, Websphere, Informatica, Oracle, custom web and legacy applications. "What I enjoy most about my job is the opportunity to work with others while performing cross-team management, collaboration, and coordination in order to meet project objectives." Cedric's career has allowed him to implement large and complex infrastructure solutions to support project directives; as well as perform multiple technology assessments to aid planning, risk mitigation and issue identification/resolution.

Climbing the ladder
Cedric's frist job role sparked his interest in a technology-oriented career by allowing him to work with people in various roles who had varying responsibilities, including senior executives. He has a sixteen-year record of service with IBM and has spent the last eight years in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) space. His roles have include serving as a Solution Architect, Siebel Architect, and Project Manager; where he worked with clients' IT departments to ensure on time delivery of project milestones. Cedric notes that throughout his career "IBM offered the support required to reach my goals" and credits his belief to the tools, people, and opportunities made available to aid in professional/knowledge development. He advises, "get attached to an IBM veteran who has been around a while," as a way of learning the business, identifying opportunities and being able to position one's self for ground-breaking roles and unique opportunities that arise from time to time.

Being a team player
Cedric's current projects include work as the Prospoal Lead on a proposal for a global eCommerce enterprise strategy and roadmap in the Media and Entertainment industry. He manages a small team of individuals dispersed across the U.S. He cites a Media and Entertainment project as one of his most memorable roles where he was involved in bringing a new portable video product to market. The product offers consumers the ability to purchase portable video/music using a standard device interface. Through the introduction of the product, consumers now have the ability to purchase full length movies, and pre-recorded TV episodes. "This project was very interesting because I was able to see the evolution of the product," Cedric states, referring to the critical role he played in setting up the infrastructure to support the product launch.

Away from the office
Cedric believes that one must actively manage the balance between their professional and personal lives. "I actively plan time with my family, schedule vacations and take time off," he states. Cedric is also an ordained minister and is very involved with ministering in the community. He hosts onsite quarterly charitables food donations, does clothing and carepackage giveaways for the homeless and less fortunate. Away from the office, he also enjoys golf, photography and graphics design.