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Meet Angela, a Managing Consultant in our S&C Practice Focusing on Organizational Change


"My first job role within GBS set me on the right path to achieve my goals."

Why GBS?
Angela chose GBS because she found no other consulting firm which could guarantee her a management consulting role in her area of interest: Organizational Change Strategy (OCS). “After interviewing with OCS partners and other S&C senior leadership, I realized what a tight-knit group the Strategy & Change division is, observed thought leadership first-hand, and experienced the enthusiasm and commitment of the OCS practice area. I knew immediately that IBM's consulting practice was an area where I could thrive.”

What's the work like?
Working on a front-of-house, full scale SAP implementation for a global media conglomerate has provided Angela an opportunity to be a part of a high risk but innovative and exciting project. “Our competitors walked away from the opportunity, saying it couldn't be done. However, in 14 months, we have designed and implemented an integrated system that is replacing more than 8 systems that were built by the business over the past 14 years.” As the SAP training delivery manager, Angela's responsibility was to enure that all employees received the training necessary for them to complete their jobs once the application was ready for “Go live”. “We prepared employees not only for the technology change, but also the departmental, process, policy, job, and culture changes.”

“Our project has already been identified as the model for SAP implementations.”

Applying my skills on the job
Angela's experience in Finance, International Business, and Strategy Consulting has helped support her current position as well as her future career path. “My professional interest is to take on strategic leadership positions within an organization to define the direction of the firm through innovation, thought leadership and market responsiveness.” And through Angela's hard work and eagerness to grow professionally, she will be given an opportunity to act in such a position when she assumes her next role as Organizational Change Lead. Gaining experience and retaining this motivation will be two important drivers that aid in her continuous quest to achieve her professional goals.

Personal Satisfaction
“The people, the opportunity to grow, to develop skills, to enhance my knowledge... ” and interacting with senior executives on a daily basis are the things that bring joy to Angela's day-to-day job.

Any advice?
“Make sure you like the practice area you hire into. It makes all the difference to be doing something you really enjoy doing with people you really like... ”

“... we need team players and leaders. Every strong consultant I've worked with at IBM has found the perfect balance of achieving both roles. They are a must in this business.”