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Meet Julia, a Strategy Consultant focusing on Corporate Business Strategy in our S&C Practice


“One of the benefits of working at IBM is having a large corpus of talented and helpful colleagues to learn from. I... have been impressed by IBM's culture of responsiveness and willingness to share.”

Putting Skills to Work
Julia says, “IBM offered me the chance to transition from... work as a front-line process engineer to strategy consulting in an industry I cared about – life sciences. IBM combined the work that I wanted to do – life sciences strategy – with the advantages of a big company (brand recognition, resources, stability and a large professional network.)”

Julia discovered IBM GBS through on campus recruiting at MIT while obtaining her MBA and MS in Chemical Engineering.

Current Projects
On a project to develop a nanotechnology strategy for a large life sciences company... Julia and her team “were able to tap into sciences from IBM Research Labs to provide insight and expertise.”

“IBM can provide access to not only world class scientists and visionaries but also IBM's corporate executives who have lived, breathed and sometimes overcame the same challenges that our clients face everyday.”

Personal Satisfaction
Julia uses “instant messenger to stay connected with my family while I am on the road”... and she makes “it a priority to work at least one day a week from home.”