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Supply Chain Management profile

Meet Bianica, Senior Business Transformation Consultant in SCM Operations


"Not only can we leverage the knowledge and skills of those working for IBM outside of the country, but we also have the opportunity to showcase our own unique skills."

Why GBS?
"While working at FedEx, Bianica didn't feel challenged: "At FedEx, I had one job to perform and I felt that it was very difficult to broaden the scope of my work." So she decided to make a change and stumbled upon an opening with IBM through the corporate website. What attracted Bianica to the position was "the potential flexibility and diversity of projects in which to work on. I also enjoy working in teams and solving difficult problems with others. I felt GBS would give me these opportunities."

What's the work like?
Bianica has been involved in numerous projects since she began at IBM. The most innovative of which was with a neighboring country's national postal service. Their task was to develop an optimization model which would be applied to postal networks in a specific region of the country. "Initially, the client was only interested in optimizing a specific region of the country; the model however, was designed such that it could easily expand to encompass any region or the entire country." This streamlined model saved the client countless hours of analysis and provided more accurate results at a much quicker rate.

Applying my skills on the job
Bianica holds a B.A. in Industrial & Systems Engineering and a M.A. in International Business. Knowledge obtained through undergraduate coursework and on the job, pre-IBM, allowed her to land a position matching her interests in operations research on her very first project with IBM. Since, she has refined her interests and developed many new skills on her various projects. Additionally, Bianica has decided to take advantage of IBM's Degree Work Study Plan (DWSP) as she pursues a Ph.D and continues to work part-time for IBM.

"I recently decided to return to school and IBM has not only been very supportive of the idea but has given me the resources in which to do so. They paid tuition for my first semester and then allowed me to cut back my hours so that I could pursue a Research Assistant position with the university. IBM has also allowed me to begin using the tools I have learned at school in my project work. I hope that I can educate other IBMers on some of the things I have learned."

Personal Satisfaction
Bianica says that the people bring the most joy to her job. "I have had the opportunity to work with some of brightest in the field. But more importantly, they've been very hardworking and great team players, which always makes the work more enjoyable. I have also had great managers who have supported my decisions and career objectives and who have always been there for guidance."

Any advice?
"You can sometimes get lost in the size of the corporation. It's important to have a solid team of people (managers and peers) that you can go to when you're having issues or when you're just looking for advice. Once you've established this team the size of the company no longer seems so overwhelming."

"Having a mentor is invaluable, especially when you first start at a company. It was nice to know that I had someone whom I could ask anything when I first started working at IBM. He was extremely helpful in answering all my questions and giving me career development advice."