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Meet Carlos, Associate Partner, SAP Practice


"Working at IBM means... the ability to pool from an incredible pool of resources and to remain competitive in expensive markets. I BM is unique in that it truly promotes the harvesting of knowledge and it has teams... which allow us to create consistency and excellence in how we come to market."

Putting Skills to Work
Carlos says he was attracted to IBM because he “would be able to concentrate on and be a part of an industry where IBM has a strong presence – Chemicals and Petroleum.

Carlos' goals are to “become a proven project manger and client account lead.”. To obtain these goals Carlos suggests “Do not discount the power of networking and do not be afraid to take on difficult roles no one else wants. It will help you build a name for yourself... ”

Working on Global Teams
Carlos is a member of an SAP Tiger Team at IBM. One of his first projects at IBM “consisted of US, Belgian and German team members.” Carlos believes that IBM GBS is different because “we are able to offer a full range of services... across the world.”

Carlos maintains that “the individuals I work with are the most talented set of people I have worked with.” Carlos advises people looking to join GBS to “balance what you have learned with real life experiences... and show you can quickly leverage your knowledge and fit in quickly... ”

Personal Satisfaction
Carlos enjoys the “constant and ever changing demands which allow him to learn quickly and to grow that much more quickly as a professional.” Carlos also works hard to try and “put the computer away after 8pm and weekends unless utterly necessary” so that he can “spend as much time with his wife and kids as possible.”