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Customer Relationship Management profile

Meet Alarice, a Managing Consultant in our CRM Practice


“IBM is a place of many opportunities. It is what you make of it and there are many avenues to explore while you are here.”

Why GBS?
After graduating from college and spending 6 months in the Healthcare Industry, Alarice felt her skills could be better matched elsewhere. Through her alma mater's career services website, she found an opportunity with GBS that not only matched her skill set precisely, but excited her as well: “I was attracted to the type of work that I would be doing. I was very interested in analyzing situations, problem solving, working with business C-level executives and offering advice and counsel to clients.”

What's the work like?
As a consultant in GBS's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) group, Alarice focuses on operationalizing the customer's business strategies. On her current project, she is part of a small team that is completing a Customer Experience Service Strategy program. Ultimately, their goal is to determine how customers want to be treated, how well positioned the company is to deliver on these wants, and where the company needs to improve to meet the customer's expectations. According to Alarice, IBM has made important strides in the CRM space: “IBM has refined the technique for understanding, designing and fulfilling advocate-building customer experiences and becoming a customer focused enterprise.”

Applying my skills on the job
Prior to receiving a B.S. in Economics and a minor in Psychology, Alarice was able to gain summer internship experience with a financial services firm. During her time with this firm, she cultivated a firm understanding of what it means to not only interact with clients but to provide sound advice and counsel. These kinds of skills directly transfer into her role at GBS as a client facing consultant and are proven to be of paramount importance.

Personal Satisfaction
On the job experience, IBM-provided classroom and eLearning training have all contributed to Alarice's professional development and personal satisfaction. However, the one thing that makes the work most enjoyable for her is the people: “My Customer Focused Strategy practice is a great group of individuals. They have a vast amount of knowledge and intellect and are always willing to share their brilliance and give others an opportunity to shine. They have made my experience at IBM most enjoyable.”

Life Outside of Work
Knowing full well that there is a delicate balance between her work and her professional life, Alarice makes time for and enjoys: “... traveling for leisure (Europe and Puerto Rico being my favorites), staying active by playing in a coed soccer league and spending time with my family and friends.”

Any advice?
“Yes, it is a big company, but you will find your way with the vast network of individuals here to support you. IBM is what you make of it. There is a great opportunity here to meet new people and develop your professional career. Seek out practitioners you would like to emulate and do not be afraid to ask questions. You will be able to build your network with each engagement.”