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Application Innovation Services profile

Meet Roberta, Smarter Commerce Project Manager


"IBM is the best company I have ever worked for. I really hope I am lucky enough for IBM to be the final company I work for in my career."

Putting Skills to Work
Roberta worked for several other companies before joining IBM as a professional hire. She says that "As my career progressed outside of IBM, I always arrived in a position where additional opportunities were not available"... "The opportunities at IBM are endless." "GBS management encourages you to take advantage of challenging opportunities... this management environment is a win-win for both the employee and IBM."

Roberta was also attracted to working at IBM because of the project management career path. Working at IBM has allowed her to attain Executive Project Management certification. She says that at IBM she "will continue to expand my knowledge by taking on new challenges that I have not experienced."

Part of a Larger Community
Roberta is a member of the Chicago Women's Network. The group provides a forum for career discussions, mentoring, social events and networking. According to Roberta, "The current work environment is very different than when I started my career. The work from home environment can be isolating. The Chicago Women's Network gives all members a way to help one another and remain connected."

Personal Satisfaction
Part of what Roberta enjoys about working at IBM, according to her, is "working with team members who are professional, intelligent and driven to do the best job possible 100% of the time."

She also recommends that you "reserve time for yourself and your family. Prevent the extended work hours from becoming a curse by using the mobility tools to work from almost anywhere when you can."