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Smarter Commerce Application Management We have entered a new age: the age of the empowered customer. The explosion in the use of social and mobile media to conduct business, interact with each other, and engage on social and commercial levels has fundamentally transformed the market place. Customers are more connected, vocal and demanding than ever before but what they want, above all, is a personalized experience. Smarter Commerce takes the relationship between buyers and sellers to a whole new level through the integration of content, communications and analytics. IBM Smarter Commerce solutions help businesses across industries - whether banks, retailers or energy companies - deliver the promises they make to their customers.

Smarter Commerce Application Management Solutions and Capabilities

Smarter Commerce AMS provides our clients with robust, market leading managed services for their portfolio of Smarter Commerce applications. Furthermore, the same Smarter Commerce AMS team of experts can assist clients in identifying opportunities to drive continuous Front Office Transformation using tools such as Tealeaf, Unica, Coremetrics and iLog to enhance their customers user experience, create smarter multichannel marketing campaigns and make better business decisions using metric data.

Getting started with Smarter Commerce Application Management

Clients today are still understandably cautious in their investments and maniacally focused on tangible business outcomes. IBM provides our clients with creative Smarter Commerce Application Management solutions that clearly identify areas for improved business value, quantify the expected returns, and accelerate results.

Smarter Commerce AMS Business Value Assessment - This assessment provides an ROI assessment and recommendations to drive improved value through managed services by analyzing the current commerce infrastructure, applications, internal resources/skills, processes, KPIs, business requirements, and readiness. It is the basis for realizing the benefits of your Smarter Commerce applications and providing continual and ongoing value to the business.

AMS Smarter Commerce Innovation Roadmap - This analysis evaluates your current Smarter Commerce framework and provides a roadmap for solutions that support and extend enhanced customer experiences that align to business strategy and execution goals. Are you wondering what business value your Smarter Commerce applications are providing and where you should invest next? Engage with IBM to explore the possibilities.

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As one of the largest providers of consulting, systems integration and application management services, IBM has unrivaled experience optimizing application investments and aligning them to business requirements.

IBM Application Management Services ' industry expertise, world-renowned research capabilities, and global footprint can help increase productivity, accelerate implementation cycles, and enable growth for companies and organizations around the world.

Our globally integrated delivery capability provides deep technical skills in leading IBM Software Group (SWG) Smarter Commerce software and solutions with the Global Centers of Competence providing broad Smarter Commerce experience in marketing, commerce and supply chain