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.Organizations continue to be attracted to cloud computing as a way to reliably transform business processes and enable engagement with employees, citizens, customers, and extended communities. IT departments are drawn to cloud’s cost, efficiency and control. Business users are drawn to cloud’s simplified, self-service experience and new service capabilities. More and more business executives are taking advantage of cloud environments to enable business transformation and leaner, faster, more agile processes.

Cloud enables organizations to rethink IT and reinvent business in three fundamentally new ways: 1) deliver IT without boundaries; 2) speed delivery of new offerings and services; and 3) create new business value.

Cloud Application Management Solutions and Capabilities

Cloud application management services help clients take advantage of the flexibility and economics of cloud computing by offering cloud-enabled service components across the application development and management life cycle. This includes cloud enabled services for the support of SAP, Oracle and Business Intelligence applications as well as custom application development, DevOps, mobile and traditional testing. Moreover, by bringing together the full capabilities of IBM, we are able to provide a complete solution with infrastructure, software and services expertise to help fully leverage the cloud in flexible Software, Platform and Life-cycle as a Service models.

IBM Testing cloud services include Performance Testing and Application Virtualization. Performance Testing uses cloud elasticity to do real-world scale testing of web and mobile applications in a cost effective manner. Application Virtualization uses cloud to quickly create virtualized services in a complex application environment in order to do early stage testing even before all of the components of that application are available.

IBM migration services for cloud assists clients, particularly those looking to modernize or transform their application portfolio, with the migration of their application portfolio to the cloud environment of their choice. These services support IBM cloud solutions, including private clouds on premise, shared clouds or hybrid cloud environments.

Additional services include a full range of application support for managing the co-existence of multiple application assets, as some migrate to cloud while others are custom built on cloud application infrastructure or remain on premise.

Getting started with Cloud Application Management

Clients today are still understandably cautious in their investments and maniacally focused on tangible business outcomes. IBM provides our clients with creative Cloud solutions that clearly identify areas for improved business value, quantify the expected returns, and accelerate results.

Cloud Migration Rapid Assessment (PDF, 53.3KB) - Cloud capabilities are fundamentally shifting the competitive business landscape by providing a new platform for creating and delivering value to customers. New technology and social connectivity trends are creating a perfect storm of opportunity, enabling cloud to transform internal operations, customer relationships and industry value chains. The Cloud Migration Rapid Assessment helps assess the opportunity to migrate all or part of the source environment to the cloud environment of choice. It provides a cost-effective, low-risk plan for the migration of workloads to the new platform so that organizations can begin realizing the benefits of a cloud environment, usually within six months.

Cloud Application Virtualization (PDF, 515KB) - Are your test cycle times hindering your ability to deliver releases on a timely basis? Are there concerns about operational costs, specifically in IT area? Are you encountering significantly higher defect rates than projected in a late activity or phase of testing and/or production? Are you finding performance bottle necks later in the life cycle? If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then take a look at the Cloud Application Virtualization Accelerator that will demonstrate the benefits of Application Virtualization by virtualizing a set of your application services. In addition, you will get an assessment of the ability to optimize computing resources and simplify existing development and test management infrastructure.

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