IBM Application Services delivers
e-procurement solution for CSI Piemonte

Italian regional government reduces purchasing time and costs

IBM Application Services helps CSI Piemonte deliver faster, less expensive procurement

A public ICT Consortium working with local public administrations in order to improve services for citizens and companies, CSI Piemonte needed a procurement system that would reduce costs and provide transparency in government operations.

IBM Application Services defined the business and operational needs of the e-procurement platform and customized development within just nine months. The use of electronic bidding, a feature of the system, has allowed CSI Piemonte to complete over 300 bids involving approximately 130 million Euros in transactions with discounts that exceed 28 percent.

The platform is being successfully used by more than 60 agencies of the Public Administration of Piedmont, either in terms of reducing procurement times or reducing procurement costs.

View the video featuring IBM Application Services and CSI Piemonte to discover the benefits of implementing an e-procurement platform for the Piedmont regional government.

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