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Business Analytics Application Management For leading organizations, sophisticated business analytics has transcended into a critical "must have" in today's customer-driven and data-intensive world, while the art of managing these analytics applications is becoming simultaneously more critical and more challenging. Unlike other business-critical information practices, analytics generates a dynamic environment where needs change rapidly, new techniques are constantly being introduced, and the need for innovation is driven by customer demands and technology breakthroughs, all leading to more complexity and more expense. Increasingly, organizations are looking for ways to gain greater insights from the data that is available in a cost effective manner.

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Business Analytics and Optimization Application Management Services (BAO AMS) establishes consistent and aligned IT delivery objectives in support of business outcomes and goals. It is the end-to-end management of our clients’ business analytics application portfolios providing support, operations and maintenance for a wide-range of Business Intelligence (BI) applications including: Decision Support / Analytic Reporting; Data Warehouse; Master Data Management; Data Integration; Advanced Analytics and Big Data.

Infused with an engineering-based approach, BAO AMS provides a scalable support model to manage the growth and complexity of business analytics optimization across functional areas including marketing, CRM, finance, supply chain, HR, executive management, and other groups who rely on critical insight to drive their business decisions. The combined elements of BAO AMS enable our clients to deliver cost savings while continually improving data analysis for greater competitive advantage.

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Clients today are still understandably cautious in their investments and maniacally focused on tangible business outcomes. IBM provides our clients with creative Business Analytics Application Management solutions that clearly identify areas for improved business value, quantify the expected returns, and accelerate results.

IBM Business Analytics and Optimization Jumpstart services are a suite of short-term strategic and tactical engagements that help organizations identify new opportunities and chart their path to transformation by providing a rapid assessment and roadmap for achieving their analytics initiatives and objectives.

BAO Jumpstart for Strategic Alignment (PDF, 487KB) offerings are designed for organizations that are interested in accelerating their analytics initiatives and want to understand how to best get started. These short-term strategic engagements help you to identify areas of opportunity, evaluate current capabilities, and provide a roadmap and next steps for achieving your objectives. Engagements include our flagship BAO strategy as well as more specialized engagements focused on predictive analytics and IBM Watson.

BAO Jumpstart for Customer Insight (PDF, 682KB) offerings provide prescriptive guidance to help you develop actionable customer insights and improve your ability to capture, retain and service customers.

BAO Jumpstart for Risk, Finance, and Fraud (PDF, 487KB) services provide a range of opportunities to deliver insight and business outcomes. Current engagements include diagnostic assessments of an organization’s performance and fraud management capabilities along with tactical offerings focused on helping clients gain greater business value from their current enterprise analytics investments.

BAO Jumpstart for Information Management Foundation (PDF, 487KB) offerings are often an extension of a BAO strategy and provide a framework and roadmap for building a strategic foundation for analytics. The engagements are designed to help you address your biggest challenges and opportunities by integrating, aligning and analyzing information so you can turn that information into actionable insight.

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As one of the largest providers of consulting, systems integration and application management services, IBM has unrivalled experience optimizing application investments and aligning them to business requirements.

IBM Application Management Services' industry expertise, world-renowned research capabilities, and global footprint can help increase productivity, accelerate implementation cycles, and enable for companies and organizations around the world.

Additionally, IBM utilizes a BAO Global Center of Competency comprised of analytics thought leaders and practitioners that develop, document, build, and share BAO application development and support assets. Our Global Delivery Centers run at CMMI 5 with resources representing the full suite of BAO technology skills.