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. The pressure for speed and performance in today’s tough markets is relentless, a point readily appreciated by business executives and chief information officers (CIOs). New and old competitors enter and exit markets with a dizzying rate of speed and innovation. Time has become the key competitive asset for companies. While business model innovation is a priority, barriers to change persist with legacy systems, resource limitations, and businesses separated by global silos. IBM’s C-Suite surveys underscore the need for creative and collaborative leadership to break through these escalating complexities. New thinking around the traditional application delivery models is needed in order to move from the hierarchical, closed and resource-focused model to an open environment that embraces community, social recognition, transparency and outcomes. Through these new, intelligent ways of managing application delivery, businesses can deliver more quickly and efficiently, staying ahead of the competition and achieving better time to value.

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Smarter ADM is a framework for creating value beyond cost take-out. It provides a platform to accelerate time to value, drive innovation, and enable sustainable business growth. With Smarter ADM, the delivery of applications, enhancements and upgrades is accelerated through the deployment of innovative techniques and tools. This includes open, collaborative communities built with technology to deliver on the business value of social networking, agile techniques, and a focus on reuse of assets and components. Unlike traditional models, Smarter ADM is founded on measurement systems that are based on real business outcomes, versus utilization of hours.

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Clients today are still understandably cautious in their investments and maniacally focused on tangible business outcomes. IBM provides our clients with creative Application Development and Management solutions that clearly identify areas for improved business value, quantify the expected returns, and accelerate results.

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