How can IBM and SAP help your enterprise achieve 21st century success?

Superior solutions & unrivalled customer satisfaction

SAP Practice - Unrivalled customer satisfaction

Successful transformation in today's economy involves global integration. The ability to enter new markets and seize new opportunities wherever they arise is essential to growth. How can the IBM® SAP® consulting practice help your organization achieve seamless operations and collaboration across geographic boundaries? Superior solutions, delivery excellence and unsurpassed customer satisfaction.

The IBM SAP practice continues to prove its leadership as a leading systems integrator of SAP solutions – this is evidenced through IBM being awarded two 2010 SAP Pinnacle Awards including Customer Satisfaction and Global Technology Partner of the Year. We can help your enterprise simplify operations and products, and increase dexterity to change the way you work, access resources and enter new markets around the world. This will help position you for twenty-first century success in an increasingly complex, globally integrated environment.

According to John Leffler, Managing Partner of IBM's Global and Americas SAP Practice, IBM Global Business Services®, "The focus on delivery excellence that each of our thousands of global practitioners offer to clients is what helped our practice win the SAP Pinnacle Customer Satisfaction Award two years in a row. No matter where your enterprise is located, we provide a consistency of tools, methods and training for every engagement anywhere in the world, and we bring that same level of excellence in client satisfaction to every engagement. It's pretty amazing."

Excelling in Customer Satisfaction

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