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IBM is a leader in cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and cognitive computing solutions. Clients choose IBM Application Innovation Consulting for its ability to apply leading technology, process and intelligence to design while continually building and enhancing outstanding user experiences powered by software. The integration of DevOps Innovation Services and Agile practices, along with IBM Design Thinking and a world of talent, enables us to deliver continuous innovation with speed, quality, and at the cost point required to keep you at the top of your game, and in the hearts of your customers, employees, and business stakeholders.

Begin and continue your digital journey with IBM Application Innovation Consulting.

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Create a culture of innovation

European Building Society builds the foundation for broader innovation, guidance and value-added services.

Drive quality continuously

Australian Airline tests sooner to deliver product enhancements and new innovations quicker.

Modernize and simplify

European Container Company transforms their supply chain without the cost of creating a new one.

Grow the value of your Enterprise Application investments

Spanish Engineering Firm accelerates time-to-market for international applications by 93 percent.

Speed cycle time

New Zealand Bank responds to customers within 60 seconds, transforming mobile banking.

Reach for the cloud – any cloud

Industrial Products Company builds a multi-million dollar business in less than a year.

Ready? Plan. Go.

UK Retailer begins a world-class journey.

Flex it, scale it, enjoy it

Leading Financial Services Group improves customer sat by 100% while scaling to demand.

Build it to go

Industrial company empowers their clients with innovative mobile apps.

Big Data yields Big Savings

A global communications company creates 400 new jobs and improves efficiency 30%.

Making sense of the chaos

Make sense of unstructured data, learning from it, and applying those lessons is at the heart of cognitive computing.

A mesh of devices

European automaker and IBM create a Connected Services Factory.

CIO Advisory Services

Where do you start? How can you set a foundation for ongoing development, when the pieces of the foundation are continually changing?

CIO Advisory Services help clients define and execute the roadmap for optimizing return on IT investments, leveraging strategic technologies including business digitization, cloud, analytics, mobile, and social technologies. These services bring together industry knowledge and process expertise with technology capabilities to address even the most pressing business challenges.

Whether you are looking to start or expand your digital journey, begin with CIO Advisory Services.

Services include:

  • IT Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Application Portfolio Modernization Strategy
  • IT Transition Management (resulting from mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures)

Cloud Services

Are you looking to bring flexibility to your application development process? Would you like to free up costs to invest in new and innovative initiatives? Do you just want to clean up your less than productive areas of infrastructure?

Cloud Services help clients take advantage of the flexibility and economics of hybrid cloud computing by offering cloud-enabled service components across the application development and management lifecycle. These include cloud-enabled services for development and test of custom, package and mobile applications, and in support of all methods of development—Waterfall, Agile, and DevOps. They also include the migration of applications to the cloud environment of choice. Bringing together the full capabilities of IBM, Cloud Services provide a complete solution with infrastructure, software and services expertise to help fully leverage the cloud in flexible Software, Platform and Lifecycle as a Service models (SaaS, PaaS, and LaaS).

Services include:

  • Migration Services for Cloud
  • Cloud Dev/Test Managed Services
  • Cloud DevOps Managed Services
  • Cloud Mobile Managed Services
  • Cloud Enterprise Application Services for SAP
  • Cloud Enterprise Application Services for Oracle
Epic Piping

Epic Piping

"The combination of the Oracle solutions and IBM Cloud Managed Services gives us the ability to reach ambitious objectives."

- Jeremy Turner, Chief Information Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, Epic Piping

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TP Vision

TP Vision

Migrating to the cloud reduces costs while improving customer satisfaction

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Application Development and Management

How do you create meaningful interactions and ongoing relationships with your stakeholders at the speed the business requires? Are you able to deliver quality applications within the budgetary constraints of the business? Moreover, is your model for application development sustainable, maintainable and adaptable?

Westpac New Zealand

Westpac New Zealand

Putting unprecedented banking power in customers’ hands transforms mobile banking

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Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society

"Working with IBM, we have created a software development center of excellence that is closely aligned with the changing needs of our customers and of our business..."

- Christie Ash, MCDC Lead, Nationwide

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Saint-Gobain CPS

Saint-Gobain CPS

Giving clients real-time order status updates through innovative mobile apps

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IBM Application Development and Management (ADM) provides industrialized and flexible models to help companies design, build and continually improve the applications that run their business. Most organizations contain a vast portfolio of applications (custom, package, mobile, and legacy) that is developed and maintained across varying application platforms (on-premise, cloud-enabled, and cloud native). IBM has a spectrum of solutions to address complexities, and move from project, team and organizational requirements to business outcomes. At the base of these services is a globally integrated pool of talent that applies advanced analytics, highly automated workflows, a library of APIs and SDKs (including Watson Developer Cloud, BlueMix) and delivery methodologies: DevOps, Agile, Lean Startup, and IBM Design Thinking—all to put the customer front and center, and effectively design, build and speed quality releases to market. By applying our cognitive computing capabilities to how we work, we are able to accelerate the application design validation process and improve design quality beyond that of human expertise alone.

Services for Agile, Traditional and Mobile Application Development include:

Enterprise Application Management

Would you like to get more value from your Enterprise Application investments? Are you utilizing cognitive computing to automate the resolution of alerts, power self-help, and enable your support teams to quickly identify improvement actions? Are you ready to accelerate and ease the upgrade process with cognitive capabilities?

Leading communications company

Leading communications company

Launching revenue-driving products 70 percent faster with Oracle and IBM

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Simplifying global business growth with SAP and IBM

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Enterprise Application Management provides full support for existing package enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Business Analytics, and Smarter Commerce solutions. These services help optimize performance and lower the cost of clients’ business investments by tapping into IBM cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and cognitive computing capabilities.

IBM’s unique cognitive capabilities for SAP and Oracle, help clients:

  • Reduce the costs associated with expensive trouble ticket generation by bringing answers and insights directly to employees
  • Reduce the size of their call center required to support employee service requests by pushing more knowledge and awareness directly to the employees
  • Enable employees to perform at their highest levels by reducing inefficiencies caused by system or technical challenges
  • Deliver answers and insights to employees in a self-service manner
  • Accelerate and ease the ongoing maintenance of their applications
  • Drive business productivity

Digital Modernization

Are your able to tap into legacy systems for additional business value? Can you accelerate the development of systems of engagement or are old systems slowing you down? Are you utilizing the API economy to build new models of engagement and deliver greater business value?

IBM Digital Modernization Services help clients prepare for the future, protect critical systems and applications from obsolescence, simplify legacy, and progressively transform systems of record. They address today’s rapidly changing business and technology landscapes with platform flexibility, and the restructuring and decomposition of applications for greater reuse. Clients are able to accelerate the development of systems of engagement, and progress through their digital transformation to a future of cognitive systems and the Internet of Things with a systematic approach utilizing cloud, analytics, the API economy, mobile platform and PaaS-based development.

Digital Modernization Services are grouped into five main areas:

  • Modernization Strategy and Planning
  • Application Portfolio Rationalization
  • Platform Modernization
  • Application and Data Modernization
  • Digital Enterprise Transformation
Container Centralen

Container Centralen

Transforming the supply chain with first-of-a-kind counterfeit prevention

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Interested in the API economy and how the Internet of Things may apply to your business?

Visit API economy

Visit Internet of Things

Quality and Testing Services

Are you able to meet quality expectations? Are you experiencing too many defects in production? Is testing taking too long? Are there areas that can be transformed through automation and more streamlined processes?

IBM Testing Services offer a comprehensive set of testing services with advanced capability in Managed Testing, Continuous Testing, Cloud Testing, Combinatorial Test Design, Agile, and Mobile Testing. The benefits achieved through these services are significant, resulting in reduced effort, faster time to market, and improved quality. With IBM Continuous Testing, test organizations are able to transform by connecting automated and manual processes across the lifecycle, utilizing highly automated workflows and cloud infrastructure to support large-scale, “hands-free” enterprise testing. Clients adopting this approach have reduced test effort by 30 to 50 percent, and reduced the time to record defects to zero.

Services include:

  • Test Consulting and Transformation
  • Test Center of Excellence
  • Specialized Testing (Performance, API/SOA Testing, Big Data / Data Warehouse Testing, Product Testing, Security Testing, Test Data Management, Test Optimization, Document Analytics, Centralized Defect Management, Code Analysis and Reporting, Performance Engineering, Usability)
  • Mobile Testing
  • Apple Garage
  • Cloud Testing
  • Internet of Things
  • Business Process-driven Testing
  • Package Application Testing
  • Test Automation

Qantas Airways

Testing continuously to continually improve quality

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Application Outsourcing

Would you like to free up resources for strategic initiatives? Are you able to maintain the IT skills and technology needed to be competitive? Would you like to adopt more agile methods of application delivery, but do not really know how to start?

Application Outsourcing assumes the management of all or part of our clients’ application portfolio and portions of infrastructure to enable focus on core strategic business competencies. IBM applies its deep business and technology skills, leading innovation and world-class business processes to streamline application management functions, improve governance, and modernize application portfolios in support of future business needs and strategic shifts—all while reducing costs.

Services include:

  • End-to-end application management capabilities in concert with infrastructure outsourcing to help reduce overall application management costs
  • Agile methods, DevOps Innovation Services, and cognitive capabilities to increase the speed of ongoing enhancements and continuous improvement
  • Cognitive capabilities to enhance application support, ticket avoidance, and ticket resolution
  • Ability to design self-healing applications through the combination of cognitive computing and automation
  • Application enhancements and modernization activities that simplify legacy systems, transform systems of record, and accelerate development of systems of engagement
  • Full support for existing package ERP solutions to grow the value of clients business-driven application investments. This includes SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft as well as for Business Analytics Optimization (BAO) and Smarter Commerce solutions
  • A range of models including Full Managed Services, Portfolio Outsourcing, Co-Management, and Staff Augmentation delivered through a globally integrated capability for onsite, nearshore, and offshore application management
Leading financial services group

Leading financial services group

Improving customer satisfaction while scaling to meet business demands

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University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Evolving towards predictable, high-quality patient care in a digital hospital environment

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Business Analytics and Strategy

How do you create music from the noise of data traversing your business? Can you curate all the date needed for actionable insights? Can you do all this while still reducing your operating expense?

IBM provides a number of Application Innovation Consulting services tailored to managing Big Data and providing insights to the right people at the right time. Combining our world-class methods in developing and managing advanced analytics solutions, content management, and the integration and governance of data, takes the burden off you and lets you focus on taking action. Our developers utilize our Application Development and Management delivery models that include developing with open source, employing Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark, and implementing in on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Services include:

  • Big Data for cost reduction focuses on reducing operating expenses across the end-to-end data landscape
  • IBM’s Cloud Business Solutions in analytic solutions provide a number of “as a Service” offerings in Predictive Analytics Optimization, and Finance, Risk, and Fraud
  • Our Digital Operations services help you develop and manage Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
  • Social Analytics for Application Development and Management link social insights with ticket data to recognize problems even before a ticket is opened
  • IBM Enterprise Content Management helps you transform the way you work by putting business content in motion, so you can capture, protect, activate, analyze and engage with content for greater insight and action
  • Data integration and governance solutions from IBM can help you discover, enrich, integrate and manage data over its lifetime
Global Communications Company

Global Communications Company

Creating 400 IT jobs while improving efficiency 30%

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European automaker

European automaker

Accelerating time to market of new services based on connected cars

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Cognitive Computing

How can you take advantage of the insights buried in unstructured data? How do you deal with the velocity, veracity, and volume of unstructured data, and align it to company data? Are you able to provide business insights on demand and as a service?

Making sense of unstructured data, learning from it, and applying those lessons is at the heart of cognitive computing. IBM’s Application Innovation Consulting organization works side-by-side with the Cognitive Business Unit and Business Analytics and Strategy (BAS) team to deliver and manage services tailored for cognitive computing. In addition to our BAS services we have tailored cognitive solutions. To learn more about Cognitive Computing see Cognitive Computing.

Services include:

  • Big Data for Wealth Management combines Watson Engagement Advisor with Advanced Analytics to enable wealth managers to provide custom advice to each client. What was once only available to high net worth individuals is now available to many and can be delivered real time.
  • Big Data for Customer Intelligence combines Watson, Social Analytics, Master Data Management, and Next Best Action as a Service, to deliver superior, personalized experiences, creating systems of insight to transform industries, professions, and improve customer experience.
XO Communications

XO Communications

Tackling customer churn with IBM’s Business Analytics

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Industry Solutions Overview

AD&I supports key industry solutions with: process driven assets; industry specific innovations, forums, hackathons; and practice based expertise. Visit our industry pages to learn more about the solutions that we enable.