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Outsourcing used to be solely about saving money. Today's sourcing of business and IT services for banking is about using strategic partnerships to fuel business innovation and growth.

Banks are under pressure

Banks are getting hit from all sides. Consumers’ shaky confidence and lack of brand loyalty make holding on to current market share a challenge. Non-traditional financial players are entering the market, further intensifying competition. On top of that, government continues to pile on new regulatory requirements, forcing banks to invest in risk management and reporting technology.

Maybe it’s time to take a look at how business and IT services sourcing, using a sourcing partner like IBM, can help. Where traditional outsourcing focused on cost cutting, today’s sourcing options for banking offer distinct strategic advantages, ones that are structured around real business outcomes.

Build, source – or both

Sourcing provides a flexible way to address challenges, meaning you can decide how much and which aspects of your business – infrastructure, applications, or business processes – to source. You decide which skills and capabilities to partner for. Build it yourself, source the entire solution – or use a mix that keeps parts of your business and IT infrastructure in-house and sources the rest. Whichever path you choose, we can deliver your sourcing solution fast.

Profit from sourcing's many advantages

  • Faster time to market: Implement the systems and processes required by today’s omni-channel banking environments. Sourcing gives you ready access to tested industry solutions built around new technology areas such as cloud, analytics and mobility, ones that are secure, robust and scalable.
  • Deeper banking domain experience: Align your business and IT disciplines with the unique needs of banking. Sourcing provides the knowledge and insights that can come only from direct experience with implementing engagements for today’s banking industry.
  • Greater cost savings: Launch customer-focused products and services while keeping operating costs in check through the use of optimized, automated tools, informed by insights from thousands of engagements.
  • Skilled banking resources: Smarter payments and transaction systems demand that your people have a deep understanding of regulatory compliance requirements, security and resiliency. Sourcing gives you access to a large, global team of people who understand the technologies associated with these areas and can be put to work quickly.
  • More flexibility: Banks need a workforce that’s agile enough to respond to changing business needs and budgets. Sourcing with a partner gives you access to critical skills to augment your in-house business and IT resources – get the right people in the right place at the right time.
  • Fuel for innovation: Use the savings gained from sourcing to fund innovation in core business areas such as sales, marketing and customer experience.

The power of partnership

Put the power of IBM to work for you, through a sourcing partnership — one structured around business outcomes — that can lower costs and free up capital to fuel new business innovation and growth. We’ve completed thousands of sourcing engagements that combine our banking industry research with proven industry solutions, delivered by skilled resources around the globe.

Case study:

La Caixa is one of Spain’s leading banking institutions, with a network of more than 5,100 branches, nearly 8,000 automated teller machines (ATMs) and more than 10.4 million customers. La Caixa needed to evolve to a flexible IT services model to support its expansion strategy, improve its cost structure and liquidity position, and ensure IT excellence and innovation.

They engaged IBM to provide technology, application and infrastructure services; data entry management; and access to innovative technologies to reinforce the bank’s posi¬tion as a technology leader. La Caixa is expected to save EUR400 million over the 10-year con¬tract and provide a global presence that enables rapid integration of new banks outside Spain.

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