Data center outsourcing

Gain greater agility and responsiveness while lowering
your IT infrastructure costs

Data center outsourcing, tailored to your needs

Data centers are the foundation of your organization's IT infrastructure. And every company has different data needs. That's why every IBM data center outsourcing engagement begins with a conversation about your business objectives, and ends with a custom solution designed to meet your strategic goals, maximize your IT budget, and save you money.

With IBM Data Center Outsourcing Services, you choose the solution that works best for your organization:

You choose the platform, the software, the usage level and degree of support that most closely matches your business needs. You determine the length of the commitment. You retain control of your data, applications and system software.

To get a complimentary assessment of your data center outsourcing needs, contact an IBM data center specialist today.

Increase efficiency, flexibility and business value

IBM Data Center Outsourcing Services allow you to realize real business value by offering cost-effective, ready-to-run computing power and capacity matched to your specific business requirements and changing needs.

IBM Data Center Outsourcing Services offer:

IBM's Data Center Outsourcing client stories

IBM draws upon its vast resources to provide clients with fast, reliable, security-rich data center services. Thousands of outsourcing engagements around the globe inform every project and give IBM a deeper understanding of your industry and your business needs. Read about how IBM partnered with these clients for data center success.

Middlesex University enhances online learning through an integrated IT infrastructure

An industrial manufacturer improves IT service quality and optimizes IT spending

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